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Discover Acquapole®:

the innovative pool exercise equipment and its original training program in water!

Acquapole® is the innovative pool exercise equipment, designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, in 2010, by Monica Spagnuolo.

Aquafitness instructor and technical director of the sporting facility in which she developed – together with Stefania Manfredi – this revolutionary tool and, with it, a new method of training in the water.




Using water for resistance and support, Acquapole® Fitness helps to shape the abdomen, shoulders and hips and to improve the cardiovascular circulation.


Acquapole® is not simply a pole in the water, but a true multi-functional workstation, which allows you to carry out more than 150 aquafitness exercises.


Thanks to Acquapole® pool exercise equipment, you can finally super-train yourself in the water, having fun. Acquapole® Fitness classes are totally engaging and never repetitive.


Acquapole® is an ideal … workout program (intensive, toning, rehabilitative, etc.) suitable for every kind of user (sporty and non-sporty, young and old, men and women, oversized and thin)!

What does it do?

It tones arms, shoulders, abdomen and legs. Here’s how

In lifting, the buoyancy helps the execution of the exercises without burdening the joints.

In all exercises and grips, even in isometric hold, the abdominals are essential for the correct execution of all the positions.

In all the workouts and dynamic exercises, the muscles of the legs and arms are involved.

Acquapole® Fitness in fact involves 20 grips and 150 exercises!!! Many of these are achievable with the pool exercise equipment Acquapole®; but even more exercises are possible using three accessories that provide just as much training and fun: Acquapole® Boxing Bag, T-Traction and Elastic Pole!



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