Acquapole® Boxing Bag Container

  • Practical container to store bags for dripping after use.
  • Being raised from the ground allows dripping and therefore drying of the equipment.
  • Up to 16 Boxing bags can be stored in one container.
  • Plastic inoxidizable material


  • Excellent container for storing disassembled Acquapoles®.
  • On 1 rack you can store up to 12 complete Acquapoles® (base and pole).
  • Length 1m
  • Electropolished AISI 316 steel.

Standard suction cups – mosaic

  • The use of suction cups contributes to strong anchorage of the Acquapole® to any type of surface.
  • Standard suction cups: smaller and indestructible.
  • Mosaic suction cups: bigger and with a maximum anchorage capacity.
  • Suction cups with reduced room: for delicate swimming pool bottoms.
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