The company

The Acquapole association started its activity in Italy in 2011, on the basis of the broad consensus by the public and the press obtained at the first launch of the innovative aquatic piece of equipment and its revolutionary training method.

Based in Turin, Acquapole deals with:

  • constant development of the product, strictly MADE IN ITALY. Acquapole® and all its accessories are, in fact, entirely designed, patented and produced in Italy.
  • compiling the only original and certified training method, thanks to which Acquapole® has decreed the beginning of a totally new way to train in water.
  • international marketing of Acquapole®: today, 10% of the world does Acquapole® Fitness. I centri Acquapole® sono in Europa, America, Asia ed Australia.
  • training / refresher courses for certified Acquapole® instructors and Acquapole® Master Trainers, official representatives of the brand.

Guaranteed Acquapole®

A pole in the water is not Acquapole®: beware of imitations!

  • Acquapole® is a registered trademark© – all rights reserved.
  • Acquapole® is a strictly Italian product.
  • Acquapole® the only one with the “C”!
    The name Acquapole, founded on the union of two terms from different languages – “Acqua” in Italian and “pole” in English – aims to express by its very name, the main objective of our company: to market, on a worldwide scale, a piece of aquatic equipment that is 100% Italian… Beware of any aquapoles without the “c”!

Our goals?

Real passion and constant pursuit of quality!

We work because the Acquapole® revolution and the broad public consensus that welcomed it straight away, continues to expand in a widespread manner.

We believe that Acquapole®, which is so easy and effective at the same time, very dynamic and provides a good workout, simple to use and above all fun, is much more than a pole in the water: Acquapole® is an important opportunity to develop Aquatic Fitness worldwide, which has not offered anything new or inspiring for some time!

For this reason, we have always pursued the highest quality standards: both in terms of the 100% MADE IN ITALY equipment, and regarding the preparation of our Instructors and Master Trainers.


What are the keys to success of Acquapole®?
Passion for a unique way to train in the water and constant pursuit of “perfection”!


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