Pool exercise equipment

Discover Acquapole® innovative and versatile apparatus

Acquapole® is one of the most innovative apparatus to train effectively, big-workouts … without ever getting bored! There are, in fact, more than 150 strengthening exercises, muscle toning, health and fitness exercises that, anyone can do using our pool exercise equipment to sculpture abdomens, shoulders and hips, improve the cardiovascular system or regain fitness and shape or the lost flexibility.


Technical characteristics of Acquapole®

pool exercise equipment

pool exercise equipment acquapole


This pool exercise equipment, consists of a BASE which is anchored to any type of pool and of a POLE which is adjustable from 2 to 2.5 meters in height.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, using high quality materials, Acquapole® lends itself well to different types of lessons: Athletic and toning, Rehabilitation, Choreographic.



aqua fitness exercises

Acquapole® Boxing Bag

Acquapole® Boxing Bag is a punching bag that can be applied to the Acquapole® aquatic apparatus:

This pool exercise equipment allows you to tone muscles effectively, to the sound of kicks and punches,  in the water!



aqua fitness exercises

Acquapole® T-Traction

Acquapole® T-Traction is a  “T” BAR which can be inserted into the Acquapole® aquatic apparatus.
This pool exercise equipment allows you to increase the array of exercises leg lifting exercises using the bar and back pulling exercises.



aqua fitness exercises

Acquapole® Elastic Pole

This pool exercise equipment consists if a aspecial hook and  of elastic bands, which can be inserted onto the Acquapole® aquatic apparatus at different heights; enriching the range of possible exercises, increasing the intensity and allowing the use of different muscle groups.



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