Pool exercise equipment: all the benefits of aquatic fitness

In recent years, the US user enthusiasm for pool exercise equipment and the spread of new aquatic disciplines in fitness centers across America, has grown in proportion to the awareness of the benefits that exercising in water has to offer for all of us: from young people to seniors, lean to plus sizes, athletic to sedentary people, from those who know how to swim and, also, to those who are not able!

Many of us, in fact, find it difficult to practice physical activities such as cycling or long walks, etc. Take for example, overweight individuals who want to get back into shape; women and men of a certain age who need to keep their joints flexible and maintain muscle elasticity; or to all those who need rehabilitation therapy following an injury.
For all these subjects, training in water with pool exercise equipment is fundamental. In this article we will explain why.

The workout with pool exercise equipment decreases stress levels

People who take up physical activity after a long time, can recover the toning lost thanks to water fitness, reducing the risk of heart attacks and decreasing stress levels.

The workout with pool exercise equipment stimulates, in fact, the heart to pump more blood per beat; while, the water pressure on the legs and on the lower part of the body facilitates the return of the blood towards the heart, decreasing the frequency and the cardiac stress.

The workout with pool exercise equipment is less risky for our joints

Fitness activities in water allow us to train without dangerous stress on the joints and to decrease the negative effects of weight on our body.

In fact, thanks to the thrust (Archimedes principle) of the water that sustains us, it is possible to “relieve” the joints of the body weight, the development of effective training programs for plus sizes, pregnant women, the elderly, veterans, subjects recovering from an injury, etc. that, in a physical environment such as water, are able to assume and to maintain positions otherwise impossible to perform on the ground.

Water activities with pool exercise equipment are a serious workout for the muscles

In other words working out in water is less risky from an articular point of view; but not to be underestimated, it is also very effective for the muscles!

In fact, thanks to the resistance that water opposes, any movement you make with pool exercise equipment during aquatic fitness lessons is a big workout of the entire musculoskeletal system, with an average caloric expenditure of 450-550 kcal per class.

For this reason, aquatic fitness activities, such as Acquapole® Fitness, are very suitable for people who want to lose weight and get back into shape, and also for athletes who need specific athletic training programs.

Innovation in the industry of US pool exercise equipment

Acquapole® is, for example, one of the most innovative and versatile pool exercise equipment that has spread rapidly from Italy in Europe to America and Australia. The apparatus allows us to train precisely and effectively, big-workouts and, above all, without ever getting bored!

There are, in fact, more than 150 strengthening exercises, muscle toning, health and fitness exercises that, under the expert guidance of certified Acquapole® instructors, anyone can do; in order to:

  • sculpture abdomens, shoulders and hips
  • improve the cardiovascular system
  • regain fitness and shape or the lost flexibility

… While having fun!

And, I stress, while having fun! Because only h-a-v-i-n-g f-u-n with the right initial intentions to abandon a sedentary lifestyle, you can create a healthy lifestyle, to carry on forever. So with some music, and splashing water that help to “mask” physiques not exactly athletic or movements not “very fluid yet”, all (men, women, youths, seniors, plus sizes, etc.) are encouraged to jump into the pool.

Especially if the training consists of kicking and punching the Acquapole® Boxing Bag, another pool exercise equipment by Acquapole® that really works all the muscles. Feel, once again, the resistance of the water!

To conclude the overview of the most innovative pool exercise equipment that is gaining popularity in the USA, we are going to speak about the new entry Acquapole® Elastic Pole. A versatile aquatic apparatus which is also very suitable for athletic training – not surprisingly, the technical staff of Acquapole® are developing exercise protocols to train swimming teams, synchronized swimmers, water polo teams and rescue swimmers – both to increase flexibility and rehabilitation of the limbs.

What can we say? Get in the pool to benefit from the many positive effects of water and big training sessions with pool exercise equipment.

All aquatic apparatus described in this article are patented and registered by Acquapole®.

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