Water aerobics certification: how to become a water aerobics instructor

The water aerobics certification represents an unmissable career opportunity for those willing to become a water aereobic instructor or those looking for a qualified job in the area of water fitness.

In addition, aside from basic training in human anatomy and kinesiology a good aquatic instructor must mature more specific notions on fluid mechanics, from the main muscle groups involved when in movement in the water, on the possible types of training, … you will also learn all the essential ingredients on how to prepare a water fitness lesson, engaging and interesting: the choice of music most suitable for your customers and aquatic tool (in this regard we suggest that you also read the article “Pool exercise equipment: all the benefits of water fitness “).

That’s why taking part in certified and accredited water fitness courses will help you gain an important and authoritative water aerobics certification, which is essential to not lag behind and always have a real advantage over your colleagues.

In this article we will try, therefore, explain to you which are the water aerobics certifications that contribute to achieving this goal.

Basic Water aerobics certification

Training and Certification in First Aid, CPR and AED
It is an essential certification if you want to work as a water aerobics instructor within an aquatic center or fitness club; since it provides the skills necessary to take immediate action in the event of injury, cardiac emergencies, respiratory, etc. that might occur during a water fitness lesson.
During the course (we recommend the one organized by the American Red Cross), you will learn, for example, how to administer first aid whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive, to operate a defibrillator machine (automated external defibrillator – AED) and perform the cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedure (commonly known as CPR), correctly on adults and children.

Lifeguard Training and certification
The course, also organized by the American Red Cross provides basic facts about water safety and skills needed to prevent, recognize and properly respond to aquatic emergencies.

Training courses

To become a water aereobic instructor, there are still no specific guidelines or standard educational curricula, even if the number of those who after obtaining their diploma, choose to follow a degree course in Sports Science is increasing. During their degree students are provided with basic knowledge on various training programs, on how to keep fit, on care and well-being/health of their future students and how to better interact with them, to motivate them and involve them.

Relevant certifications

Among the necessary certifications, we can not avoid mentioning the ACE Fitness Certification, issued by the American Council on Exercise (www.acefitness.org) and the AFAA Certification, issued by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (www.afaa.com) .

More specific for the aquatic fitness industry is, however, the Water aerobics certification AEA that is issued after taking part in a course organized by the Aquatic Exercise Association (www.aeawave.com), in addition or as an alternative to the above mentioned ACE and AFAA Certifications.

Additional certified courses and training credits

Managers and owners of aquatic centers or fitness clubs are constantly looking for innovative water equipment and water fitness classes that are engaging and versatile; in order to diversify their proposals, to embrace a wider user base, loyalty and above all increase their clientele.

For this reason, the water aereobic instructor, interested in a career, must always pay close attention to the latest news in the sector; for example regarding the latest aquatic tools on the market, specific water fitness courses and water aerobics certifications that can offer significant job opportunities.

Among them we can definitely include the Acquapole® first level certificate and accredited AEA.
Divided into a theoretical part and a practical part in the pool, the course provides all the necessary skills to:

  • the best use of the innovative Acquapole® aquatic apparatus
  • learn about the unique Acquapole® training program
  • start preparing, right away, Acquapole® Fitness lessons …

… that with splashing water and music are really fun, intriguing and suitable for any type of customer: young and senior, athletic people or not, lean and oversize.

If you are interested in participating in the first level Acquapole® certificate course and to obtain a water aerobics certification really important for your career, make a request for info here.

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.



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