Acquapole®: from managers to inventors

People who go to the pool and above all water fitness customers expect that each year their trainer proposes something new and fun. Acquapole® was born following this principle, that is, if you anticipate the users needs you gain their consent, satisfaction and loyalty.

Our strengths:

These are the stages that undergo our creations:

  • IDEA

The question that echoes solemn in our head is always: “I can? But is the user able to?”
This requires more time both for programming and for implementation but it is our strong point and is the reason why despite Acquapole® being copied, continues to grow and “multiply” especially abroad where the Acquapole® trend is going crazy predicting a rapid and widespread growth, especially overseas.

Season preview 2016-2017: Elastic Pole

In the wake of this philosophy is the Acquapole® Elastic Pole: 2 rubber bands attached to a hook on a pole.

The panorama of exercises are wide and open to a large group of users that so far have not tried Acquapole®: racing teams. Swimming-water polo-sy can use it for muscle strengthening, endurance training and to increase the osteo joint flexibility.

As always we want to offer more with new training techniques and introduce the new concept of EPAS: elastic pole aquatic support. Starting from the idea of TRX, the challenge this time was: how to transform a tool so valuable to be used in water?
The Elastic Pole not being able to exploit fully the force of gravity due to the presence of water uses it as an unstable stand that the body can lean on to perform functional exercises.

Acquapole Training

Our intent was difficult from the beginning: to throw a pole in the water and make people understand it as a fitness tool and not aquatic lap dancing.

To do this we wanted a professional approach (because if you know what you’re doing you are more credible). In conjunction with the tool’s creation also the user protocol was born.

The first level was created and with continuous work more were created and now there are 8 user protocols: toning, choreography, postural, advanced, boxing-bag, elastic pole, rehab and master trainer.

After a lot of work Acquapole® joined the great tools of aquatic fitness, which boasts more than 600 instructors spread across 4 continents and we would like to proudly say that 10% of the world does Acquapole®!

An ambitious project

Making Acquapole® through its accessories a real multi-purpose apparatus for aquatic fitness with which you can throw punches (Acquapole® Boxing Bag) to train in a functional way, (Acquapole® Elastic Pole and postural), circling around the pole, (choreography and toning) or simply train your muscle mass but our intent is not to stop here.

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