Water aerobics equipment Acquapole®: let’s discover it!

Acquapole® Fitness is an innovative way of working out in the pool which, through the use of appropriate water aerobics equipment allows you to perform a variety of exercises useful to achieve objectives, such as:

  • tone muscles
  • lose weight and burn calories
  • restore normal muscle function, myofascial or joint
  • to train effectively in the water … while having fun.

Anyone can train via Acquapole® Fitness: both those who have never been in a pool, and those who swim well, because the exercises performed with Acquapole® water aerobics equipment can also be selected according to the level of water skills the user has.

To give a practical example of the versatility of Acquapole® Fitness, we must concentrate our attention to the Acquapole® itself, the innovative water aerobics equipment designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, using high quality materials.

This water aerobics equipment, consists of

  • a BASE which is anchored to any type of pool, thanks to specific suction cups.
  • a POLE which is adjustable from 2 to 2.5 meters in height, specially designed to facilitate a strong hold and prevent wet hands from sliding.

It lends itself well to different types of lessons:

  • Athletic and toning
  • Rehabilitation
  • Choreographic


Acquapole® water aerobics equipment: athletic and toning exercises

In the first case, the pole acts as a support for the body, allowing you to use the Acquapole® water aerobics equipment to do a whole range of tone and muscle strengthening exercises in the pool.
The pulling exercises are also characteristic, in which you have to hold the pole above your head and lift up: changing the position of the legs you can change the intensity of effort and workout!

Acquapole® water aerobics equipment: rehabilitation lessons

In the second case, instead, the pole acts, in collaboration with the water, as a support for the body, allowing you to use the Acquapole® water aerobics equipment for rehabilitation after traumas and interventions or for postural-holistic activities.
In Acquapole® Fitness the water is, in fact, used as a supporting element and of natural resistance, which allows you to perform gymnastic progressions and to assume positions and postures, otherwise difficult to hold and do outside of a pool.

Acquapole® water aerobics equipment: choreographic lessons

As for the training based on more choreographic types of exercises, the pole lets you use leverage on the Acquapole® water aerobics equipment to carry out a series of outbursts, scissors, opening and closing of the legs to great effect which are at the same time very efficient; given that, with the water at chest height, all the muscles work to maintain contact between your body and the pole and to perform the positions required by the choreography.

In any case, whatever type of use the Acquapole® water aerobics equipment will have we always recommend you consult a doctor or physical therapist to indicate the type of training that best suits your current health status and your goals.

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