Water exercise equipment? What about Acquapole® Boxing Bag

Water exercise equipment is the ideal alternative for those looking for new ideas to keep fit, without giving up on the fun factor!

Why not pursue an activity such as the more traditional kickboxing or Fit Boxing … But in water?

Some of the greatest experts from the aquatic fitness world have created, in fact, new fitness programs, intensive approaches using water exercise equipment which are even more efficient and versatile.

Lets speak about, for example, the Acquapole® Boxing Bag, the punching bag that can be applied to the Acquapole® aquatic apparatus, which allows you to tone your muscles to the sound of kicks and punches in the water!

This innovative water exercise equipment – designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, using high quality materials – allows you, in fact, to combine the benefits of Combat Fitness with Water Fitness; giving life, in this way, to new aquatic fitness programs which in the USA are becoming more and more popular.

The benefits, in fact, of the Acquapole® water exercise equipment Boxing Bag vary:

  • it allows you to tone the muscles of your legs, arms, buttocks and abdominals
  • it promotes weight loss, because all of the muscles are under a lot of pressures and move very quickly.
  • it allows you to send away anxiety and let of stress responsible for many diseases and disorders.

How is this possible?

Just as in Combat Fitness classes, punching the pungiball tones the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders; at the same time, kicks help to train the abdominals, legs and buttocks; while the constant movement required from training with the Acquapole® water exercise equipment Boxing Bag, improves focus and coordination.

All this, of course, in the water, where the training is worth double and it’s definitely a lot more fun!

The individual movements are, in fact, performed with music following it’s rhythm to intensify the power of the blows – exploiting the emotional charge that music produces, and also to provide the right “water” pace, crucial to make the most out of this type of training, which offers:

  • cardiovascular improvement
  • aerobic / anaerobic mix that allows you to burn and tone at the same time
  • exercises combining arms / legs in preparation for sport at a young age.

Water also reduces the fatigue of the movement but, at the same time, the continuous movement required generates a lymphatic drainage massage that counteracts the water retention and cellulite.

That’s why the Acquapole® Boxing Bag lessons are for any type of user: this innovative water exercise equipment is liked by women for the toning and slimming effects it produces and also by men, often more reluctant to take part in water fitness activities. It’s also liked by the oversize sector, being sustained by water they can move freely, without unduly burdening the joints! Furthermore it’s a winning formula for those that are not able to swim because the exercises are performed with the water at chest height.

If you want more information on the Acquapole® water exercise equipment Boxing Bag please contact us.

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.



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