Aquatic exercise equipment and Acquapole® T-Traction

The use of aquatic exercise equipment and the progressive development of a variety of high intensity aquatic training programs, have contributed, in recent years to bring the World of water fitness in close contact with the gym world in a market which is evermore mature and diverse.

Until, in fact, a decade ago swimming was the only sport in the pool that could take full advantage of the benefits of water. It’s no coincidence it was included by doctors as one of the most appropriate activities for children and prepubescent boys, for its undeniable ability to encourage proper muscular development and also for being the best therapy against muscle paramorphism (spoiled attitudes or abnormal posture). Swimming, allows you to tone your arm, leg, buttock, abdomen, and especifically the torso and back muscles as well as being a work out.

Seeing as we have already had the occasion to prove in our other articles, that also Aqua Fitness – especially if done using the appropriate aquatic exercise equipment – allows you to exercise joint mobility and increase muscle tone, in a completely safe condition for the joints. This can be done by combining positive aspects of Ground fitness and watersports of excellence, such as swimming!

For example, through the use of aquatic exercise equipment such as the Acquapole® T-Traction, you can initiate a multi-joint program that allows you to strengthen and tone your biceps, drafters of the arms, chest, back, shoulders and belly!

Acquapole® T-Traction is, in fact, a  “T” BAR which, when inserted into the Acquapole aquatic apparatus, allows you to increase the array of exercises:

  • leg lifting exercises using the bar favor toning of the abdominal corset, critical to maintain proper posture and to avoid damaging the back by overloading it.
  • back pulling exercises that actively involve all of the back muscles (latissimus dorsi, shoulders, triceps, adductors of the shoulder blades, trapezoidala and deep muscles of the back) when using the grip of the Acquapole® T-Traction aquatic exercise equipment in a prone or supine position (inverse).

Exactly the same as when you do traction exercises in the gym, but, with the addition of multiple benefits arising from water:

  • possibility to super-train, adjusting the speed of execution and the number of repetitions to exploit the waters resistance.
  • possibility to perform high intensity workouts, carrying out the exercises partialy immersed in the water (with water at torso height) to create the combination of two resistors – that of air and water – more difficult to counteract therefore more invigorating!
  • Less fatigue or suffering perceived.

But above all:

  • improved functioning of the cardio-respiratory system
  • increased lymphatic drainage and reactivation of blood circulation
  • mental relaxation
  • increased concentration and perception of one’s body

with obvious benefits to your lifestyle!

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® T-Traction aquatic exercise equipment please contact us.

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.



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