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Aqua Fitness: 5 essential requirements to teach at your best

Teaching Aqua Fitness involves a whole range of skills and abilities that, as we will show in this article, go far beyond the mere technical knowledge, which is indispensable. There are, in fact, several requirements that differentiate a good Aqua Fitness instructor from a mediocre one: skills, empathy, credibility and emphasis are only a few of the skills needed.
Lets assess them in more depth.

Teaching and demonstration skills

Knowing how to perform an Aqua Fitness exercise in a technically perfect way does not always mean knowing how to teach!
A good Aqua Fitness instructor is, in fact, the one who is aware of the type of clients he or she is working with (beginners or athletes? men or women? whether young or old?), transmitting in a simple and appropriate way information required for a correct execution of the exercises.
This, of course, presupposes teaching skills and demonstrative ability to work both mirrored and back-to-back, which also entails a thorough mastery of the subject, you always know where to look for an error (execution? In posture?) to help the students improve themselves!

Verbal language and non-verbal language

The use of the voice is a central element in Aqua Fitness classes: it serves to explain and to punctuate the rhythm of execution.
Not always, though, the voice is the most effective means of communication with your students (think, for example about the acoustic problems of many swimming pools) and keep alive their interest!

Alternate, however, voice signals, mimics and gestures in the “dialogue” between Aqua Fitness instructor and students, this facilitates the association agreement between gesture and execution of the exercise required and increases the involvement of those who are watching. Customers are more likely to repeat what they see than what they hear!

Physical fitness and motor skills

Adequate physical fitness and a high motor ability (flexibility, dexterity, rhythm, strength, endurance) in the water and on land, are requirements that a good Aqua Fitness instructor must have to motivate and imitate their pupils, to execute single exercises, but above all in the pursuit of a more healthy lifestyle!

Ability to engage and motivate: the best Italian attribute!

Knowing how to involve each student, knowing how to create a group and be in the group, have charisma, knowing how to motivate the customer with a “well done!”, “That’s better,” “skills that an Aqua Fitness instructor must develop so that his lesson will not be perceived as mere physical fatigue but, it represents a pleasant occasion for improvement … having fun.

To this end, the choice of the most appropriate piece of music to accompany each exercise and stimulate the emotional charge is a factor that has to be prepared carefully together with the planning of the lesson.

Vary the training tools

To meet the needs of all your customers and constantly nourish their curiosity, it is important to vary the range of exercises.
That’s why the use of a training platform for versatile water as Acquapole® is the right solution to your problem: with the addition of only three tools (Acquapole® Boxing Bag, Acquapole® T-Traction, Acquapole® Elastic Pole) you can perform over 150 exercises, suitable for both men and women, beginners and athletes, young people and seniors, and lean and oversize.

Acquapole® is also a tool for Aqua Fitness that can be used in pools with depth, given that the mast has a height varying from 2 to 2.5 m depending on the needs of the centre.

In conclusion

Teaching ability and demonstration skills, verbal and nonverbal, physical fitness and motor skills, charisma and involvement, and a variety of exercises are 5 essential skills that an Aqua Fitness instructor can use to successfully fulfil his or her commitment: to improve the psychophysical condition of their students, in total security and … having fun!

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.



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