Aqua fitness certification? 3 good reasons for getting certified

Obtaining an Aqua Fitness Certification is a prerequisite for an Aqua Fitness instructor motivated to qualify himself or herself. It serves to:

  • test and increase the level of skill and theoretical skills – goals reached;
  • certify the fitness instructor or coach to teach Aqua Fitness to any type of user;
  • ensure that the participants carry out an Aqua Fitness lesson able to meet their health and fitness goals, through a water workout in a safe, efficient and fun way.

In this article we will provide you with three good reasons why it is so important to achieve an Aqua Fitness Certification .. ad hoc!

An Aqua Fitness Certification: improves the necessary skills to carry out the profession

In fact, thanks to an Aqua Fitness certificate course you can acquire new skills or perfect your knowledge on relevant aspects of this profession such as the Aquatic Environment, the Physical Laws as Applied to the Aquatic Environment, the Aquatic Fitness Equipment, the Aquatic Exercise Programming & Leadership, Shallow Water Exercise, Deep Water Exercise, Exercise Behaviour and different types of user, Emergencies, Weight Management, Health Risk Appraisal.

An Aqua Fitness Certification: enhances career opportunities and career advancement

Since it qualifies you as a prepared instructor, motivated to invest in your professional development, open to innovation in the industry, able to adapt to the changes demanded by the profession and the needs of customers; it gives you therefore, valuable career opportunities for a new job or a promotion.

An Aqua Fitness Certification: improving the image and reputation of our profession

By creating more and more defined professional standards both in terms of performance and the level of training while at the same time encouraging the professional development of trainers and certified coaches can offer examples of excellence in the industry.

Aqua fitness certification: Which do I choose?

As we have already had occasion to say in our article “Water aerobics certification: how to become a water aerobics instructor” (to which we recommend you to read for a more specific analysis), there are currently no specific guidelines to which to refer to in the course options or training more suitable.

Among the most relevant Aqua Fitness Certifications in the sector, we can indicate the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification. The minimum requirements to enter the examination are: be 18 years old and already in possession of the CPR and AED certification.

The course is structured in order to provide basic training in a constantly evolving sector like that of Aqua Fitness and Aquatic Fitness Equipment. In order, in this last case, to provide guidelines for the Aquatic equipment choice most suitable (buoyant equipment, weighted equipment, drag equipment, flotation equipment) according to the type of program that we intend to develop, the muscle groups that we want to train and to the type of user for whom we are working with.

And after?

It is up to the good will of the neo-certified instructor to locate the most appropriate course of Aqua Fitness on the market. As in the case of the first level Acquapole® certificate course.
The course, accredited by AEA (, includes both theoretical and practical parts in the pool, providing all the information needed to start preparing, right away, with Acquapole® Fitness classes making best use of the innovative Acquapole® apparatus, water and the exclusive Acquapole® training program.

If you are interested in participating in the first level Acquapole® certificate course and to get an Aqua Fitness Certification important for your career, contact us by writing to or discover here how to become an Acquapole® certified instructor.


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