Aqua Fitness exercises

The need to offer a vast range of varied Aqua Fitness exercises to stimulate the interest of customers and meet the demands of a consumer increasingly demanding, is critical to the success of Acquapole® pool exercise equipment.

Its versatility has made it possible to develop specific training protocols and several Aqua Fitness exercises, making it a training tool to be used in water

  1. suitable for all (beginners and sportsmen/sportswomen, men and women, young and old)
  2. effective in improving psychophysical issues.

Training with Acquapole® pool exercise equipment helps, in fact, the achievement of personal psychophysical goals.

Improvement in psychological well-being

Acquapole® Fitness is a group activity that:

  • improves social skills, making each student an integral part of the working group
  • increases self-esteem, because it helps to overcome personal limitations in a casual and fun way.
  • helps to overcome gradually the fear of water thanks to the possibility of using the pole as a support.

Improvement in physical well being

Aqua Fitness exercises performed with Acquapole® allow you to:

  • improve the cardio-vascular activity and blood circulation, favouring an increased heart rate and the reduction of water retention
  • limit stress on the joints and spine, thanks to hydrostatic pressure
  • improve conditional abilities (strength, endurance) and coordination (flexibility, dexterity, rhythm)
  • increase the muscle tone of the upper limbs, trunk and abdominal wall

From detailed analysis of the muscle groups involved in the various Aqua Fitness exercises that you can perform with Acquapole® it has emerged that in fact:

Biceps, triceps and brachial-radial shoulder muscles are particularly affected

The TRICEPS are the main muscles at the back of the arm and are the natural antagonists to the BICEPS.

The latter is the main flexing muscle for the forearms.

The BRACHIO RADIALIS muscle shares its seat the short end of the bicep muscle which flexes and extends the arm.

The SHOULDER MUSCLES all begin in the thorax bone and are then inserted into the humerus. They are: DELTOID, SUPRASPINATUS AND INFRASPINATUS, TERIS MAJOR AND MINOR

As well as the pectoral and dorsal muscles

The PECTORALIS MAJOR muscle is divided into three parts: the clavicular, sternal and abdominal pectorals. Their contraction permits the humeral shaft (funny bone) to bend and rotate: adduction

The DORSAL MAJOR is the main back muscle and is the biggest muscle of all, in terms of surface area. It tends to be flat and triangular. It is situated in the lower and lateral back area.

Not only!

The integration of Acquapole® with accessories that are extremely different to each other, allows for the development of diverse and complementary activities that tone and affect all muscle groups.

Acquapole® + Boxing Bag

Aqua Fitness exercises
performed with Acquapole® Boxing Bag favour the comprehensive training of arms, legs and abdomens

Acquapole® + T-Traction

Aqua Fitness exercises
performed with Acquapole® T-Traction favour the comprehensive training of arms and abdomens

Acquapole® + Elastic Pole

Aqua Fitness exercises
performed with Acquapole® Elastic Pole favour the comprehensive training of arms and legs

Acquapole®? … much more than just a water apparatus. If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.

If you want to have more information on the Acquapole® please contact us.



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