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Pool bike, Aqua Yoga, Aqua Zumba®, Acquapole ® Fitness, … From the debut of aquatic fitness until now, there are many discipline characteristics of the Fitness world that have moved from the gym to the pool! Making Water Fitness even more varied, above all, proposing a new type of workout in the water that can combine effectiveness, variety and completeness of the lessons while having fun. Lets take a look at the latest industry news.

Pool bike

Working out in water with the pool bike was among the first activities of Aqua Fitness to have spread globally. What is it? The aquabike is basically a spinning workout in water, during which you have to sit on the pool bike (bicycle specially designed for this type of workout in the pool) and ride with the water up to your waist. Thanks to the cyclical and repetitive pedaling and to the constant movement of the legs, you get more resistance for the lower part of the body.

Just as happens with the spinning bike, the pool bike offers, ie, a type of training confined to the legs: the pool bikes seated static position, does not allow a sufficient ABS workout.

Another good thing about aquabike is definitely the safety factor: the water provides a safe training environment for people; just as the pool bike on which you have to sit on throughout the training session reduces the risk of strain.

It goes without saying that such safety, has as an inevitable aspect, a certain repetitiveness of the lessons that, in the long run, are likely to tire the user.

Aqua Yoga

Aquatic Yoga is an activity that offers the typical movements of traditional yoga in the aquatic environment. The execution of certain positions easily performed on the ground are made more difficult thanks to the resistance that water must affix.
Aqua Yoga helps to strengthen and tone the body, working on flexibility and body awareness. It is in any case a low impact form of Aqua Fitness, it does not have a huge caloric expenditure but it contributes significantly to the easing of tension.

Aqua Zumba®

The same as Zumba® in the gym, Aqua Zumba uses the energy of typical movements from Afro-Caribbean music (like Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Rumba, Reggaeton, Cumbia) to develop a dance / workout session in the water capable of a high caloric consumption, while having fun in a group! Among the benefits: it strengthens the cardiovascular system and heart function, strengthens and tones muscle and tones the body.

Acquapole® Fitness

Latest arrival on the world stage of Aqua Fitness, Acquapole® Training favors a total workout, combining all the elements of cardio, muscle strengthening, strengthening of balance and flexibility, in a discipline fit for all with super workouts, always different and above all … very, very fun!

The novelty of ‘Acquapole® Fitness is, in fact, the ability to use 4 aquatic tools in 1 (Acquapole®, Acquapole® Boxing Bag, Acquapole® Elastic Pole, Acquapole® T-traction), to develop a varied and diverse range of (over 20) holds, and exercises (more than 150) that, with music and group movements, favor a complete workout for all muscle groups: arms, shoulders, stomach and legs.

Varied training protocols: from TONE to POSTURAL, from COREO to REHAB … Of course, becoming a certified Acquapole® fitness instructor means developing a broad and diverse technical expertise, however, once acquired, you will be able to develop new, fun and customizable lessons for any type of user!

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