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The introduction of Pool Fitness Equipment and the development of new disciplines, has enhanced the world of aquatic fitness that initially offered few training options apart from swimming or Acqua Gym.

From Pool bike, Aqua-step, with the use of small and varied Pool Fitness Equipment – water dumbbells and barbells, swimming gloves, belts and flotation devices, etc., – to arrive to a real aquatic workstation such as Acquapole®, extensive and differentiated, which by now, with the variety of exercises on offer allow you to keep fit, tone muscles, rehabilitate and have fun during Aqua Training.

In water the body moves more freely because part of its weight is lightened. It is, therefore, possible to train without burdening the spine and the lower limbs. In addition, when in the water, the resistance which opposes the movement of the water develops a natural massage on the entire body, increasing the effectiveness of the training session. Beyond the benefits derivable from aqua fitness, what type of equipment is now available? Let’s look in more detail.

Aqua Bike

Aqua biking or Hydro biking is a true aquatic bicycle which allows you to pedal in the water; This Pool Fitness Equipment is used in pools that are 1 to 1.50 meters deep. Benefits: strengthening the lower limbs and incisive cardiorespiratory workout level; easy to handle and move within the water. Disadvantages: pedaling in the water does not allow a sufficient ABS workout; during this type of exercise, your body is only half immersed. The muscles of the trunk (arms, back and shoulders) tend, therefore, to cool down. The cyclical repetition of the same type of activity may prove in the long run monotonous.

Aqua Step

Born from the idea of enhancing the benefits arising from the use of step along with gravity and buoyancy that any body undergoes immersed in water, this Pool Fitness Equipment is actually heavier than a step on firm ground. Suction cups are provided to anchor it to the bottom of the pool. Advantages: the lifting and typical step down reinforces and tones especially the thighs and buttocks; easy to move within the water, as well as from outside to inside and vice versa of the pool. Disadvantages: does not allow an enhanced ABS workout.

Small Pool fitness Equipment

There is a wide range of small Pool Fitness Equipment used in a variety of ways to strengthen and diversify the training in water: water dumbbells and barbells, swimming gloves, belts and flotation devices, etc., can be used in combination with other tools such as the water-step, and also with bodyweight exercises in specific disciplines, such as Cross Fit.

Where use is made of Shark Jumper (an enhanced trampoline, with a grab handle on the front, which allows you to make very large leaps), with aquatic balls and elastic rings (used to enhance both the upper and lower limbs) with acquatube (flexible rubber tubes) with elastic bands, etc. Advantages: the use of Pool Fitness Equipment increases the range of executable exercises. Disadvantages: need for excessive assortment of tools (to be provided to each participant) to have a full workout of all muscles!


Acquapole® is a Pool Fitness Equipment. But, as we have said many times, Acquapole® + Boxing Bag + Elastic Pole + T-Traction is, above all, an aquatic workout station that allows you to:

  • have four tools instead of one.
  • perform more than 20 holds.
  • perform more than 150 exercises
  • strengthen rather than tone or rehabilitate all muscle groups – legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper limbs, simply by modulating the degree of intensity and varying the training protocols!

Advantages: Acquapole® is fun and offers super training. Its peculiarity is, in fact, the absence of routine: sequence, number and type of exercises can be modified in each session depending on the users and their training objectives. It conjures, in this way, the risk of a decline of attention or boredom; but it also prevents the muscle habituation to the same type of fatigue that, in the case of cyclic and repetitive workouts, are likely to slow down or even stop the results. Disadvantages: launched recently on the market, well known on the Italian and European market; but still in a developing phase in the world market.

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