Swimming pool exercise equipment that even men like!

Acquapole® Boxing Bag is the swimming pool exercise equipment born from the idea of offering sports centers an alternative training protocol to Acquapole® Fitness, capable of arousing the interest and even the involvement of the male audience. This swimming pool exercise equipment is created by inserting the special aquatic punchingball Boxing Bag onto the Acquapole® apparatus and in this way, you can perform two completely different activities.

What does the swimming pool exercise equipment Acquapole® Boxing Bag workout consist in?

While training with the Acquapole® Boxing Bag, you kick and punch the bag with your bare hands or with special gloves (the ones used in Fit/Kick boxing or boxing gloves) in order to increase the strength of the blows.

A lesson generally lasts 45 minutes and the exercises are performed in cycles; many of them are derived from Boxing and Kickboxing of which there are several fundamentals, however, we train in water and to music:

  • guard position: allows all sorts of movement both attack and defense
  • punch techniques: direct, hook and uppercut
  • kick techniques: front, side, circular and rotating kicks
  • dodges and blocks
  • abdomen exercises by performing a crunch with a punch to the # Swimming pool exercise equipment Boxing Bag.

Benefits of the swimming pool exercise equipment Acquapole® Boxing Bag

Wide and varied are the range of benefits that men and of course women can get from working out in water with this swimming pool exercise equipment:

  • Acquapole® Boxing Bag is perfect to tone arms, thighs and buttocks, even if some exercises such as, twisting of the body, are very effective to train the lats, pectorals and abdominals.
  • Promotes weight loss without the risk of damaging your back with the weight of your body.
  • Improves the cardiovascular system
  • Stimulates the increase of resistance
  • Increases tone and muscle definition
  • Increases the neuro-muscular coordination and balance
  • Suitable for non-swimmers since the activity is performed at a maximum depth of 1.30 meters
  • Completely safe: the lack of physical contact and water support, protect any previous trauma to the joints, this makes it an extremely safe and suitable workout for overweight people.

Why is it so liked?

Training with the swimming pool exercise equipment Acquapole® Boxing Bag is not just pulling, kicking and punching a punching bag in the water!

Acquapole® Boxing Bag is the opponent, the punchingball on which you can focus on and finally vent all those tensions that current lifestyles expose you to, instead of suppressing them at the bottom of your heart.

Acquapole® Boxing Bag is concentration and the search for our own internal and external balance: every punch unleashed is the result of harmony between the legs, pelvis and legs.

But, above all, Acquapole® Boxing Bag is fun because we train in groups, among splashes, laughter and music!

What more could one ask for from a swimming pool exercise equipment?
With Acquapole® Boxing Bag you have fun, are free from stress and also in shape!

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