Water exercises

Water exercises are a great way to include a little ‘healthy physical activity in our lives … while having fun! They will help you lose weight, burn calories faster and get you into shape, without feeling very fatigued.

In water our every movement exerts a resistance 800 times greater than that of air; and with splashes, music and laughter in the company of others, you can strengthen both the agonist and antagonist muscles. This is all possible thanks to the variety of exercises that water exercises offers us and an innovative and versatile tool, the water Acquapole®.

Water exercises also help to improve blood circulation and fight cellulite: the whirlpool created by the movements in the water and the pressure it exerts on the body stimulates the return of blood to the heart and drainage of those parts of the body where excess fluid accumulates. Promoting the elimination of toxins, reducing water retention and, consequently, the elimination of fat deposits and cellulite.

Water exercises also help to improve joint mobility and the development of co-ordination by enhancing flexibility, dexterity and rhythm that can be strongly penalized by a sedentary lifestyle.

Depending on their function we can classify water exercises into three basic groups

Water exercises athletic-sports (training in water)

In the article “Aqua fitness workouts: methodical alternative and innovative!” As we have seen with Acquapole® Elastic Pole it is possible to develop training protocols suitable for the preparation of athletes and sports teams such as: Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, athletic Swimming and Boxing

Water exercises playful-recreational (Fitness)

With splashes, music and group choreography, Acquapole® Fitness classes are really fun and never repetitive! That’s why Acquapole® manages to involve those who usually find lessons in the pool boring! Thanks also to our innovative aquatic tool and the simple commands from our instructors, anyone can train and have fun with Acquapole®: athletes and non-athletes, men and women, young and old, thin and oversize!

Water exercises preventive and rehabilitative (activities for specific categories)

As we have seen in the article “Pool exercise Equipment: stay in shape without fatigue with Acquapole®!“, With Acquapole® you can develop low-impact exercises specific for motor functional recovery of a limb after injuries and / or surgery.

With water exercises you can then develop optimal stamina, strength, coordination and mobility, adapting them to fit your training goals thanks to the help of a complete aquatic and versatile tool, the Acquapole®!

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