Aquatics exercises and laughter: a winning combination for psycho-physical well-being

It is well known that aquatics exercises are good for our body and that more and more people in the US choose to stay in shape with Water Fitness. But if we combine training in water with laughter and fun, the psycho-physical benefits not only add up but multiply! To create visible effects in everyday life.

The idea behind the over 150 Acquapole® aquatics exercises is exactly this: Exercising in water + Super-training thanks to water + Fun!

What does this mean?

Acquapole® Aquatics exercises: training in water has only positive effects

Gym or pool? The benefits of water as a training environment are manifold.

First of all, it is a great element in which to perform a physical activity, because it reduces the articular pressure. For this reason, it is highly recommended for those who are overweight, pregnant women, people suffering from arthritis or musculoskeletal injuries and, in general, ‘for everyone (beginners and advanced, young people and seniors, men and women), because it protects you from those stresses and shocks that may occur in the gym.

The water also “lightens” the burden on the bones and joints, allowing you to train effectively reducing the feeling of effort that is felt during training on the ground.

Training in water also stimulates the heart to pump more blood per beat and micro-circulation, especially in the lower limbs.

Acquapole® Aquatics exercises: training with water means super training!

Thanks to the resistance that water opposes to the movement of an object, especially in a proportional way in relation to the speed with which the object moves, it is possible to train (beginners) or super-train (athletes and sportsmen) simply by varying the speed of the Acquapole ® aquatics exercises and the amplitude of the movement to modulate, in this way, the loading density.

The same as when you train with dumbbells and barbells varying the weight to be lifted!

Acquapole® Aquatics exercises: guaranteed fun!

Training with Acquapole® Fitness means shaping your muscles, getting fit and burning calories without realizing it, thanks to the full enjoyment of our lessons: with splashes, music and group choreography also lets not forget, thanks to the water that masks our every physical imperfection or clumsiness, work outs in the water mean “laughter in action.” With all the benefits that entails:

  • release of neurotransmitter related to psychological well-being (endorphins, serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine)
  • oxytocin release known as “the sociality hormone” because it stimulates empathic behavior of altruism and trust.
  • Increased oxygenation of the brain
  • reduction of cortisol and adrenaline associated with stress
  • strengthening the immune system.

Acquapole® Aquatics exercises: benefits and durability

How often is it advisable to carry out an Acquapole® Fitness lesson to notice the first important psychological and physical benefits we mentioned above?

A lesson in Acquapole® Fitness, depending on the protocol and the training group, lasts about 45 to 60 minutes. It is obvious, however, that eating a salad once a week does not mean “dieting”! For this reason, just like any exercise, we recommend you do the Acquapole® aquatics exercises at least 2-3 times a week.

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