How to become a water aerobics instructor

Are you looking for practical information on how to become a water aerobics instructor, because you would like to work in the motor activity field in water? Or because you imagine your future career within a sector aimed at the physical and mental wellbeing of people? Here are some helpful pointers on how to approach a career in the world of aquatic fitness, which is a very dynamic and stimulating environment.

How to become a water aerobics instructor: requirements

The path to becoming a water aereobics instructor usually begins with a degree in Sports Science, where you can acquire basic knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Teaching and Methodology of physical activity and sport; and where, through internships and supplementary activities, you’ll also learn

  • to manage the physical activity and sports in a multidisciplinary way
  • to dialogue with other professionals working for health
  • to manage aquatic fitness centers or sports clubs
  • to evaluate the movement
  • perform customer suitability assessments to develop individual training programs
  • structuring of physical activity protocols dedicated to the preparation of athletes of all levels in different sports
  • structuring of physical activity protocols, to all those who have always had a sedentary lifestyle but wish to change.

For the many benefits that exercising in water brings to any type of user, Aqua Fitness has, in fact, experienced in recent years an explosion of interest and more and more people prefer to work out in the pool and more and more aquatic centers are gearing up to offer a variety of workouts in water.

For example, exercise in water is ideal for athletes who, thanks to a suitable training protocol (which exploits the principles of water resistance and the speed of the movements), can with great efficiency tone the muscles of the legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen as well as improving the cardiovascular system.

Even individuals who suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, joint pain, osteoporosis, or pregnant women, the elderly and the obese customers can reap huge benefits from aerobics in water. The buoyancy of water reduces our weight by 90% in this way it is not levied on weight-bearing joints (bones and muscles).

Therefore, if you are looking for information about how to become a water aerobics instructor, it is important that you know that a full and thorough professional preparation is a good start. A good water aereobics instructor must, above all, be able to profile the most appropriate type of training to the objectives and motor skills of their training group.

How to become a water aerobics instructor: educational process

As we have already explained in the article entitled “Water Aerobics Certification“, there is currently no standard educational curricula. There are however essential professional certifications as the Training and Certification in First Aid, CPR and AED, the Lifeguard Training and certification, the ACE Fitness Certification and AFAA Certification for a description of which we refer to in the Article above.

How to become a water aerobics instructor: additional certificates

In a historical and economical moment such as this, in which the competitive advantage is increasingly overwhelming, to be in possession of one or more supplementary certificates will allow you to be one step ahead of your colleagues.

Not only because each certificate improves and deepens your skills, demonstrating your commitment to the profession, but also because, each certification course, constitutes in an unmissable career opportunity.

A good water aereobics instructor must, in fact, develop many skills and be up-to-date on a variety of aquatic tools currently available on the market. Only in this way he or she can modulate at their best their lessons and help at the same time, the aquatic fitness club for whom he or she works to propose new stimulating lessons and become an irreplaceable professional resource.

Thus, for example, during the first level Acquapole® certificate and accredited AEA CEC, you will be offered all the theoretical and practical skills needed

  • to better use the innovative Acquapole® water tool
  • to learn about the unique Acquapole® training program
  • and to start preparing, right away Acquapole® Fitness lessons suitable and adaptable to any type of user.

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