Water fitness certification: the importance of being professional up-to-date

Why is it important to acquire a water fitness certification? To gain access to the working world and become a water aerobics instructor of success, a degree in Sports Science is not enough. Since it is essential to integrate the theoretical knowledge acquired through experience and with up-to-date practical skills. Therefore a water fitness certification can be of great help.

Firstly, because the small number of participants facilitates productive interaction with colleagues and the professor on past experiences and doubts.

Secondly because, during a course aimed at obtaining a water fitness certification, the teacher is often an expert able to provide useful information specifically linked to the work context in which you want to enter.

Finally, because the simulations, case studies, role plays and learning are all active forms used in such courses, allowing you to get involved in first person, but in a more protected environment, such as a training course.

Not only: in the dynamism of today’s world, specialized experts are much sought after. Likewise fitness clubs, aquatic centers and sports facilities are increasingly looking for new sustainable proposals to offer to their customers, investing in experts who can keep up with innovation and cope with the inevitable changes that the demand on evolution requires.

In this sense an Acquapole® water fitness certification is the solution that’s right for you.

Acquapole® water fitness certification

Aimed at students or graduates in physical education, a water aerobics instructor (experienced and novice) and personal trainer, the first level Acquapole® certificate course AEA credited CEC (8 credits), was conceived by the same inventor of Acquapole®, Monica Spagnuolo, with the aim of meeting the needs that push more people to attend Acquapole® Fitness classes: lose weight, improve their physical fitness, super training in water … while having fun!

During the course, divided into a theoretical and a practical demonstration, essential arguments will be addressed in order to acquire exclusive Acquapole® methods and schedule an Acquapole® Fitness lesson

The Acquapole® aquatic apparatus:
Versatile use of the innovative Acquapole® aquatic apparatus in a workout is fun, and also a new way to satisfy all your customers.

Training in water with Acquapole®:
Exploit the water not only as a resistance but also as a support.

Acquapole® operational programs:
Acquapole® allows you to perform more than 150 exercises for strengthening and toning your muscles!

Completeness of Acquapole® training:
Trainable ability in each session (abdomen, shoulders and hips) and search for the correct posture.

Acquapole® water aerobics instructor
The role of an Acquapole® certified instructor
Music and its educational use during an Acquapole® Fitness lesson.

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