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Water exercise? It works wonders! We’ll tell you why

Water Exercise, as we have said many times, is a great way to increase muscle strength and body flexibility, but also to get in shape and lose fat. Thanks to water, that, by exerting a resistance approximately 12 times greater than that of air, permits you to burn tons of calories, in a more refreshing training environment and, above all, in a way that makes us feel less burden and fatigue.

In fact, thanks to the up-thrust and the buoyancy of water – combined with a water exercises protocol specifically developed – you can get an invigorating low impact workout. Precisely for this reason, water aerobics exercise routines can be a particularly suitable training alternative for older people, pregnant women, for those who need to recover from an injury, and for those suffering from back problems or arthritis.

Water Exercise, in short, does wonders!

And, most importantly, not only with the needs of users who require a gentler workout as swimming or water gymnastics, it complies with the original sense of gentle exercise in water, to music … Water exercise does wonders for everyone: men and women of all ages and fitness levels, athletes and sports teams, etc.

The offer is increasingly broader and with a diverse range of water exercise equipment that help to increase the strength and intensity of training in water including the new way of understanding Aqua Fitness, have meant that water aerobics exercises are now an effective training alternative to what we can do in the gym.

The approach should be the same. In the pool, just as in the gym, perform an exercise in the wrong way means risk of injury. The same goes for not using the correct techniques, and therefore not able to achieve the desired results. So:

Start your water aerobics exercise routines with a few minutes of easy walking in the water to warm up and stretch your muscles.

Maintain the same amount of water aerobics exercises, repeating them with a constant frequency.

Vary and mix in all sessions, the type of  water exercise. The body needs this variety in a workout.

Exactly for this reason, a complete and versatile workstation such as Acquapole® represents the most suitable solution. Let’s see some examples.

Water exercise and Acquapole®

With Acquapole® water exercise equipment you can perform a whole range of useful exercises to tone and strengthen muscles.

For example with the water exercise traction, during which you must rise upward, gripping the pole above your head: changing the position of the legs it is possible to change the intensity of effort and training!

Water exercise and Acquapole® Boxing Bag

Acquapole® Boxing Bag is a tried and tested water exercise equipment by Acquapole®, able to offer, to the sound of kicks and punches, a total body workout: it is perfect for strengthening the muscle groups in the arms, thighs and buttocks; thanks also to specific water exercises such as twisting, you can effectively train the lats, pectorals and abdominals.

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