Acquapole® an innovative water fitness equipment made in Italy

Acquapole® is an innovative water fitness equipment designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, in 2010, by Monica Spagnuolo, Aqua Fitness instructor and technical sports director. Right from the start Acquapole® has had a positive press and general public reception and in just over six years has gained recognition in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. What are the reasons for its success? For sure its versatility.

Water fitness equipment, versatile, as designed right from the start:

1) A corrosion-resistant steel pole,

with a weight of only 20 kg to facilitate movement and transport with a height varying from 2 to 2.5 meters, in order to allow its use in any type of pool.

2) A Ferrari red beautiful base,

Equipped with an anchoring system with suction cups that attach securely to any type of flooring: from those tiled to PVC sheets. The suction cups have the enormous advantage of making the Acquapole® water fitness equipment very easy and quick to install and uninstall in the pool, thus facilitating a combination of athletic activities.

Versatile is also the type of workout you can perform

Acquapole® water fitness equipment can be used to perform exercises to strengthen muscles as well as tone them, for example for sports that combine strength and grace such as gymnastics and dance.

Just like Pole Dancing, Acquapole® Fitness is an activity which, thanks to the variety of executable exercises, develops strength, flexibility, sense of rhythm and tones all muscle groups.

Giving back a curvy body, but at the same time, muscular in the right way! This is because Acquapole® Fitness does not use weights or overloads, but it only uses your own body weight, amplified by gravity.

Versatile is also its use

Acquapole® is not only a water fitness equipment for phenomenally burning fat but also a workstation that can be enriched by a range of accessories – Boxing Bag, T-Traction and Elastic Pole – to give vent to so many different activities.

Versatile are also the users

Not only in geographical and cultural terms (Acquapole® Fitness is practiced in 26 different countries!), but also for physical training, age, sex and training objectives: sports enthusiasts and not, men and women, thin and oversize, young and old.

Even women who are pregnant, those who need to rehabilitate a limb after a trauma or arthritis sufferers benefit from training in water with this innovative, fun and versatile water fitness equipment.

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