Pool Bikes, Aqua-walking, Aqua-step and the Acquapole® Revolution

Unlike many water apparatuses such as Pool bikes, Aqua-walking, Aqua-step, etc., Acquapole® is an absolutely revolutionary pool exercise equipment, since it is the user who decides how to train!

In fact, while Pool bike lessons, Aqua-walking or Aqua-Step, even if they are rhythmic and diverse, only have one single essential workout element which can be cycling, walking or doing step in water. Instead in Acquapole® Fitness there are no limits to the use of this innovative work station, neither for the workout program, user, or the swimming pool exercise equipment.

Unlike water apparatuses such as Pool bikes, with Acquapole® you can:

  • dance, developing real choreographed sequences to great effect
  • prepare cardio workouts
  • perform toning exercises in water
  • work on strength and flexibility.

This is because, far from being a simple pole in the water, Acquapole® is, in fact, a true multifunction station that allows you to train for totally different sports disciplines, simply by inserting your favorite accessory: by putting the Boxing Bag on the Acquapole ®, we can immediately start kicking and punching, during a real boxing lesson in water.

By inserting, however, the T-Traction (a T-bar), Acquapole® becomes in effect a power tower that allows us to work on our arms, shoulders and back.

Finally, hooking the Elastic Pole to the desired height, we can work on strength and flexibility of different muscle groups, just as a TRX workouts do, but in water.

In this way, by modifying the apparatus rather than the training program, with Acquapole® Fitness it is possible to engage users, regardless of age, sex or level of fitness.

In addition, while Pool bikes, Aqua-walking, Aqua-Step etc. are aimed at a more limited type of training, the Acquapole® aquatic fitness equipment promotes the training of both the upper part and lower part of the body:

that in water are never still.

that support us in many of the 20 possible holds.

with which we lift ourselves with and maintain isometries.

All this versatility translates, of course, in needing well-trained coaches who

  • know in depth the potential of each Acquapole® apparatus
  • know which Acquapole® program to select that is best suited to achieving the objectives of each training session (athletic, rehabilitating, toning, etc.).
  • are able to customize the lesson based on age, sex, disease and motor experience of the training group
  • exploit the great potential of a modular workstation and able to create an engaging Acquapole® program for different lessons, never monotonous … in short: super effective and fun!

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