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Aqua Fitness and Seniors

Aqua Fitness is an excellent practical training for seniors who, more and more often, want to better enjoy their “third age”, leading an active and distracted life and, above all, free from care and drugs.

As we all know a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to health! But that, instead, is among the main reasons for premature body aging – due to a faster cellular degeneration – perhaps this is not yet known to most!

It is also true, however, that not to minimize the many benefits that exercise brings, in the case of the over 65s, exercise should be an important part of everyday life, beginning with the type of physical activity that is practiced.

Ground training, for example, may excessively stress the joints, because of sudden movements; which, is not a problem in Aqua Fitness or in Acquapole® Fitness, due to the buoyancy of water and the reduction of body weight, you can train effectively but much more delicately.

Improve your lifestyle in many ways:

Aqua Fitness and seniors: physical benefits

Aqua Fitness is a natural cure for high blood pressure, diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases. Most importantly, water exercises, help to improve strength, flexibility and balance. By reducing the risk of falls and subsequent fractures, increasing the degree of self-sufficiency and, therefore, the confidence that the senior’s have for themselves.

Aqua Fitness and seniors: respiratory tract benefits

Constant exercise with Aqua Fitness improves the respiratory system, restoring a smoother and more regular functionality.

Aqua Fitness and seniors: nervous system benefits

Water aerobics exercise routines increase blood flow to the brain, allowing the senior to be more alert and have faster reflexes.

Aqua Fitness and seniors: psychological benefits

The psychological benefits gained by the over 65s thanks to regular use of Aqua Fitness, are not only the increase in self-esteem and sense of self-sufficiency, but also the opportunity to meet and socialize, that a sport like this, often practiced in groups, offers.

Because everyone likes to work out while having fun and being among others!

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