Water Aerobics Instructor Certification

Every water aerobics instructor certification is in its own way a valuable opportunity for professional advancement for personal trainers, aerobics instructors and Water Fitness instructors interested to establish themselves in an industry that has opened up and will continue to provide ample job opportunities.

In recent years, in America, Europe and around the world, more and more aquatic wellness and fitness centers, have favored the introduction of various aquatic training activities in their pools (with or without apparatus) because it is attracting more and more users!

Merit to the growing awareness of the many benefits that Water Fitness can give to everyone: sportsmen and not, men and women, young and old, thin and oversize.

Merit also to the development of aquatic fitness equipment which is more and more sophisticated, innovative and, above all, to complete the workout program and offer variety.

And also thanks to companies like Acquapole®, committed not only to spreading a revolutionary way of training in water but, also, to deal directly with the formation of Certified Instructors and Acquapole® Master Trainers, official ambassadors of the quality of this brand in the world.

An Acquapole® water aerobics instructor certification provides, in fact, a real chance to integrate successfully in the field of aquatic fitness, thanks to a training course that ranges from theory to practical.

During which future Acquapole® certified instructors are taught key Acquapole® Fitness concepts: the importance and implementation of proper posture; the use of water not only as a resistance but also as a support; the formation of the whole body in each session; and especially the use of Acquapole® Aquatic Fitness equipment in a fun, original, modular and workout way, able to satisfy all customers and every training goal.

With 150 water exercises, Acquapole® allows you to develop both programs for strengthening and toning muscles or cardio programs for improving the cardiovascular system!

Acquapole® water aerobics instructor certification basic requirements

There are no special requirements to register for the Acquapole® certified first level Course, achieving the Acquapole® water aerobics instructor certification and begin, then, to work as a certified Acquapole® Instructor.

With the exception of the minimum necessary in order to work as a water aerobics instructor within an aquatic center and a fitness club. And that is:

  • be 18 years of age
  • be in possession of a Certification in First Aid, CPR and AED
    an essential certification issued by the American Red Cross as it provides fundamental skills to intervene promptly in case of injury, cardiac emergencies, respiratory, etc. that may arise during a lesson in water fitness.
  • be in possession of a Lifeguarding Certification, an essential certification, which provides basic facts about water safety and skills needed to prevent, recognize and properly respond to aquatic emergencies.

But, above all, have a great desire to learn a profession destined for success!

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