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Water exercises for Athletes & Sports Teams

We have repeatedly emphasized the possibility of proposing water exercises for athletes and sports teams, not only for therapeutic purposes but also for training or completion of specific training programs.

Exercising in the pool has many advantages!

In the water, an athlete weighs only 10 percent of their normal body weight. That’s why water exercises are ideal for intense training programs, even in a row, without causing excessive stress on the joints or muscle pain. Not many coaches would allow their athletes to perform terrestrial sprints for consecutive days, avoiding the risk of exposing them to overtraining or an injury!

Water, in addition, is 12 times more resistant than air, given that there are no gravitational forces. That’s why in water it is more tiring to make any type of movement and this is why practicing water exercises for 30 minutes, can be more beneficial than if they were carried out on the ground.

Training in water also enables us to pursue very different programs, simply by varying the depth in which you perform the water exercises. Training in deep water for example permits you to develop cardio-fitness programs. While training with the water at chest level, is ideal for toning and muscle strengthening programs.

On this last point, it is known that all sports activities promote muscle development (such as body building, to name the most representative), with water exercises athletes perform eccentric movements (contraction) and concentric (relaxing) in equal ratio. Triggering, in this way, the biochemical process that is the basis of muscle growth. According to which it is necessary to cause damage to the tissues to trigger an inflammatory reaction. Which, in turn, promotes the activation of protein synthesis that leads to muscle development.

Water exercises and training programs

When planning a workout in water for athletes and sports teams, it is important to evaluate the frequency, intensity and training volume. To do this it is important to decide in advance whether to use the water exercises as a primary training vehicle or only occasionally, as an adjuvant.

But it is also important to assess whether the athlete to whom we want to propose an acquatic intensity exercise, is uncomfortable being in water or not. During Acquapole® Fitness sessions for sports teams, there have been situations in which basketball players and volleyball players did not know how to swim or move in water or, worse still, they were afraid of the water.

In these cases it is essential to make use of competent professionals such as certified Acquapole® instructors. Our rules state that athletes should sit on the edge of the pool and wait for instructions before diving, to enable us to thoroughly explain how to:

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