Water fitness equipment: 3 rules to fight laziness and a sedentary lifestyle

Water fitness equipment is a valuable ally to counteract a lazy and sedentary lifestyle that in the long run can be risky: not just for your physique but also because it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurovegetative pathologies and tumors.

When, in fact, work forces you to spend several hours sitting in front of the computer or in the car and the couch becomes the favorite spot on which to spend your free time, the much-acclaimed “10-minute homemade gymnastics” are often destined to fail ‘Another promise to get in shape before the summer.

That’s why it’s important to choose sports activities and exercises that, if carried out under the guidance of industry professionals, in suitable environments, will be able to awaken the enthusiasm, consistency and, above all, the wonderful feeling of accomplishing a result that we were in charge of … 8 years ago?!?!

But how to we choose the physical activity that can perform this miracle? Here are the three basic requirements that must not be avoided …

Stay with others

Homemade fitness is definitely not the best choice from a social point of view and this is why it can easily degenerate into bother and favor abandonment. Being in company, struggling with other people can, instead, be an important motivational factor.

Acquapole® is the most innovative water fitness equipment ever used in America to develop water-loving, super-workout water sports lessons, suitable for any type of user and, above all, very addictive.


In the long run, boredom and workout routines can also drive most people away. For this reason, it is essential to identify an activity that allows us to continually stimulate our curiosity by varying programs and type of workout.

With its 150 different exercises, Acquapole® water fitness equipment can be used to achieve different goals: strengthening and toning muscle; Increased resistance, increased flexibility, improved posture, and so on. Thus, enabling them to develop ever-diverse lessons, adaptable to any user group.

Multitasking? Yes, please!

Varied and diversified workouts, capable of involving the largest number of muscle groups, is at the basis of a global remise en form and total psycho-physical well-being.

Acquapole® water fitness equipment is also a functional workstation that, thanks to the simple addition of T-Traction, Boxing Bag and Elastic Pole, will allow you to have 4 tools in one!

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