Water Fitness Certification: test the quality of Acquapole® teaching

Acquapole® water fitness certification was born from the need of the Acquapole® company to promote and at the same time standardize the goodness of its Training Method to provide:

Quality content

With the periodic creation of Acquapole® certified first level courses AEA CEC (8 credits) thesis

  • to fully and thoroughly illustrate the essential themes of the Acquapole® Method
  • to enter the Certified Professional Water Fitness market, bringing official voices of the revolutionary way to super-workout in the water by having fun with Acquapole®.

Practical demonstrations in the pool

Over 150 exercises carried out with Acquapole® through simulations, case studies, role playing that complement the information learned during the theoretical part of the course, solve with practical information any doubts and questions and which, above all, allow to put into practice the different training protocols that can be made with Acquapole® in an experimental situation such as training.

Certified and qualified Acquapole® instructors

Prepare yourself, with care and professionalism, to

  • take full advantage of the training for the Acquapole® Aquatic Tool in working different muscle groups: abdomen, shoulders and hips.
  • exploit water as a resistance to develop Acquapole® super-workout lessons.
  • use the Aquapole® aquatic environment and the Aquapole® tool to support rehabilitation, post-traumatic, or physically less-favored exercise classes (oversize, over 65, etc.)
  • empathize with all types of users to help them make the most of the training potential with Acquapole®.
  • take advantage of the “magic of aquatic fitness” by selecting the music track and the succession of exercises that are best suited to create a pleasant and motivating workout environment.

The set of these three components is the basis for the success of Aquapole® water fitness certification, a theoretical practical course specially developed by Acquapole® professionals for professionals (such as experienced aquatic aerobics instructors or beginners, personal trainers, etc.) and Graduates in Motor Science, etc. Attentive to the constant evolution of the Aquatic Fitness world.

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