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Aqua exercises: 3 good reasons why you should do them

Aqua exercises are especially useful in restoring shape and toning the muscles of the legs, abdomen and arms, reducing fat mass and cellulite blemishes and burning calories fast … without too much fatigue. Not only because it is pleasant to move in the water, but also because we are in a state of reduced gravity in the water. We are so to say “lighter”! This makes it possible to train (even intensively) with aqua exercises without all the contraindications that can result from ground training such as excessive stress on the limbs and back.

Just 30 minutes of work, 2-3 times a week, are enough to get great results and improve our psychophysical and aesthetic wellbeing. In addition, to doing aqua fitness exercises you don’t need to be able to swim, as some of these aqua exercises can be performed in low water or you can use water tools such as Acquapole®.

Acquapole® is made up of a base well anchored to the bottom of the pool, thanks to a suction cup system and a perch, an innovative aquatic tool that allows you to carry out over 150 different aqua fitness exercises, grabbing the pole with your hands and your legs. Therefore, providing, in this way, good support for those who are not used to being in water.

Aqua exercises are also particularly indicated in cases where bone density reduction, disability, and pain intensity due to a trauma make it impossible to train on a hard surface or in a vertical position. Osteoarthritis, advanced osteoporosis, muscle tears are all cases where training with aqua exercises is particularly indicated. The physical properties of water make it, in fact, the ideal workout environment for treating backache and muscle – skeletal injuries. Let’s find out why.

Aqua exercises: we float in water

Water buoyancy allows us to carry out a much wider range of aqua exercises as water neutralizes gravity and contributes to supporting our body weight.


Aqua exercises: in water we train without pain

Water viscosity allows you to develop more gentle training protocols, ideal for strengthening muscle mass in subjects who are rehabilitating from an injury without the risk of further trauma.


Aqua exercises: in water we regenerate

Hydrostatic water pressure improves pulmonary and cardiac function, enhancing blood flow throughout the body. Aqua exercises allow us, in other words, to develop training programs suitable for everyone, especially if you are using a versatile and complete work platform like Acquapole®.

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