Water aerobics instructor? Yes, but with the right method!

What distinguishes a good water aerobics instructor from an average water aerobics instructor? The conviction that “Aqua Fitness is good for you, IF CARRIED OUT PROPERLY“.

Ability, empathy, credibility and passion are all added values that animate a water aerobics instructor motivated by the awareness that only through a precise and rigorous training method can you offer quality content. Spread a revolutionary way of training with Aqua Fitness. Make the difference!

For this reason, our company Acquapole® has always paid special attention to offer in-depth training for water aerobics instructors interested in:


Offering a Quality Workout

A good water aerobics instructor is, first and foremost, a professional who, after years of constant training, updates himself with new methods and gains valuable experience and has mastered his activity so that he can guide and train any type of user. Anatomy, physiology, biomechanics of water movement, didactics and methodology of motor and sport activities are just some of the skills a qualified water aerobics instructor must master before taking on a workouts that affect the lifestyle of his students .


A good water aerobics instructor will also have to be able to show with physical ability, technical perfection of each movement and simplicity the exercises to perform. By first testing the training protocol to be done in the pool or by following strictly outlined and experimented training methods such as the Acquapole® Method.


Aim for actual results

A capable water aerobics instructor must never lose sight of the goals that have led his students to practice Aqua Fitness. Getting Fit? Rehabilitation? Start an athletic training protocol?

Because only starting from these specific needs, the well-prepared water aerobics instructor will be able to find the mistake in executing the exercise, will correct and show you with patience, simplicity and creativity the correct movement. But, above all, he will motivate his students to pursue their goals. Helping them concretely improve themselves, getting the most out of their lessons.


Make the most of the benefits of a workout in the water

Water represents the imagination of all (large and small) a game, leisure and a relaxed environment. At the sea … we dive, swim, we splash. Just think of when you put yourself under jet of a cool shower to tone up and wash away the stress of the day.

It’s exactly this “playful” component that a good water aerobics instructor uses as leverage to be able to train or even super-train his students without the boredom or fatigue that we sometimes perceive while training at the gym.


Water aerobics instructors and the Acquapole® method

Based on the experience of two Water Fitness instructors, the Acquapole® Method was developed to make the most of the training resources the Aquapole® Aquatic Tool can offer.

The Acquapole® Method consists of 150 strengthening and toning muscle exercises and more than 20 presets, tested over and over, allowing the water aerobics instructors to develop Acquapole® lessons suitable for any type of user, suitable for any training goal And, above all, always varied and fun.

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