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Pool Bike, Acquapole ® and Underwater treadmill rehabilitation

Pool Bike, Underwater Treadmill, Aquapole®, etc. are some of the most used aquatic equipment to diversify the range of water rehabilitation programs based on patients’ needs and goals.

Approved by orthopaedists and physiotherapists precisely for its method, hydrotherapy is effective both as a means of physical preparation before surgery and as a rehabilitative tool in the post-operative phase.
For example, during initial therapy, simple exercises are designed to exploit the resistance that water opposes to movement to build muscle strength and flexibility. At a later stage, however, it is possible to resort to the use of water tools such as Pool Bike, Acquapole®, underwater treadmill, etc. For the recovery of muscle tone, joint mobility, balance and engine patterns safely. Let’s see how.

Pool Bike

Pool Bike, the bike is to be used partially immersed in water, it’s used in orthopedic sports to improve strength and reduces strain and load on the lower limbs. Initially used for professional cycling workouts, the Pool Bike allows you to perform a slow, controlled and cyclical movement that promotes muscle tone recovery and strength. Since it is used in water, the pool bike helps relieve stress on the bearing joints, increasing flexibility and improving balance and posture. The pool bike is an aquatic apparatus for lower limb rehabilitation programs.

Aquatic treadmill

The underwater treadmill is an aquatic apparatus that allows you to reproduce the running movement, however, in water. Where, the greater resistance and float principle help to effectively recover muscular tone while reducing stress on the joints.
For this reason, the underwater treadmill can be used both as a muscular and cardio fitness enhancer before surgery as well as a rehabilitation tool after an accident.


Compared to the pool bike and water treadmill, Acquapole® entered a few years ago into the water rehabilitation protocols world. However it has received a growing consensus from physicians, physiotherapists as well as patients.
Orthopaedists and physiotherapists recommend Acquapole® for its complete and versatile workout
• Workout and increase the muscular tone of upper limbs, trunk, abdominal wall and legs
• limit stress on the joints and spine
• Hold positions and postures difficult to maintain out of the pool.
• Improve equilibrium and posture
• Improve conditional capacity for coordination: flexibility, dexterity and rhythm.

However, Acquapole® likes patients too
• Water is actually used as a support
• The Acquapole® pole provides a good point of support
• But above all, because training with Acquapole® is always varied and fun.

Why, who told you that in order to heal or rehabilitate, one must undergo a mechanical repetition of cyclic movements?

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