Aqua Fitness Exercises: have you already tried combined workouts?

Aqua fitness exercises are a great way to include a bit of healthy physical activity in your life, while offering a good alternative to physical exercise on the ground. Thanks to the natural resistance (800 times more then air) and the buoyancy of the water, aqua fitness exercises produce the same cardiovascular and toning benefits but with a much lower impact on the muscles, joints and bones.

If, however, you are not able to swim? No problem!
Aqua Fitness can also be performed in low water, with the help of aquatic equipment that provide not only a safe support but also a fun and complete exercise experience. In this sense, the pool tends to be more and more conceived as a training station that allows you to work on legs, abdominals, buttocks and arms by simply alternating aqua fitness exercises and pool exercise equipment.

Have you already heard of, for example, aquatic treadmill and Jump or Water Step and Pole courses?
These are new forms of combined water activities that combine the benefits of different aquatic tools to create a varied, fun, and wide-range of training protocols. Let’s find out about them.

Aqua fitness exercises with Aqua running and Jump

The course involves a combination of Aqua running and Aqua Jump.
Water running allows you to run on a treadmill in water, varying the intensity and inclination of the apparatus.
Water jump allows you to jump on a special elastic carpet (anchored to the bottom of the pool by means of suction cups), thus enhancing balance. The combined action of these aqua fitness exercises strengthens the cardiovascular system, stimulates calorie consumption (much higher) and helps strengthen lower limbs, knees and ankles, albeit weak … but with 45% less impact.

Aqua fitness exercises with Acquapole® and Aqua Step

It is a high intensity course during which the arms, buttocks and legs work at full speed; As well as dorsal and abdominal muscles, which are fundamental in maintaining a proper posture.
Thanks to Acquapole®, it is possible to carry out a whole range of aqua fitness exercises for toning and enhancing purposes to take advantage of water resistance to help increase calorie expenditure and increase muscle work. For example, when pulling, you need to grab the pole above your head to lift upwards. By changing the position of the legs, you can change the intensity of the exercise and the effectiveness of the exercise.
With Aqua Step, however, you have to make a series of choreographies … without a pause. Facing each upward and downward movement against the floating force (from bottom to top) and the flow of water created by our movement.

Aqua fitness exercises: advice and precautions

We always recommend consulting your physician before starting an intense workout routine as the ones indicated this article. It is also very important that you report any personal needs or difficulties to your instructor. Aqua fitness exercises offers a good workout for everyone and speaking to a professional is the most suitable solution to find the most appropriate training!

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