Water aerobics equipment: this how training is guaranteed

There is a huge variety of water aerobics equipment that allows you to expand the range of exercises, making water training more fun and complete.
As we have been able to observe in more than one occasion, Water Fitness is a form of cardiovascular training that has quickly become popular because it allows you to stay healthy protecting us from all the stresses that normal exercise in the gym exposes us to. Water allows us to float during aerobic exercises, “lifting” the body weight from the column and joints. For this reason, Aqua Gym was initially considered to be the ideal sport for older people, women and for those who needed rehabilitation following a trauma or intervention.
But thanks to the introduction of ever more complete and performant water aerobics equipment, it is becoming more and more a belief that even Water Fitness represents a super-training, toning and, above all, varied activity.
What is needed for Water Fitness different to Water Gym? Let’s find out more about the world of water aerobics equipment.


Aqua Dumbbells

Aqua Dumbbells are water aerobics equipment used not only to enhance the cardiovascular component but also to build upper limb muscles; Even if they are very well suited to work on abdominal and leg muscles in more complex exercises. There are different shapes and sizes on the market, depending on the degree of intensity and difficulty. Flower shaped dumbbells are easier, hexagonal ones have an average difficulty while square-shaped dumbbells are among the most difficult.


Weight Cuffs

Weight Cuffs are water aerobics equipment used for toning the arms, the legs and the buttocks. On the market there are different weights (from 1 kg upwards) allowing you to add some effort and fatigue to exercises in the water.


Aqua Noodles

Aqua Noodles are thin, light, flexible water aerobics equipment, made of soft floating foam. They are used as a floating device for swimmers and children who are getting acquainted with the water. They can also be used during water training or water jogging.


Webbed Water Gloves

Webbed Water Gloves are water aerobics equipment palm-shaped gloves. The fabric between the fingers in these gloves allows swimmers to increase the surface area during swimming by improving the training power of the water exercise.


Kick-boxing Gloves

kick-boxing gloves allow you to imitate the gesture of boxing, making aerobic exercises more dynamic and motivating. Not only that, but, by using friction you can tone the muscles of your arms and upper body.

Kickboxing gloves are the perfect water aerobics equipment when used in conjunction with Acquapole® Boxing Bag: aquatic punching ball that can be quickly applied to the Acquapole® apparatus to get an absolutely new way of doing Water Fitness …  kicking and punching!

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