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Aqua Pole? No, Acquapole®

Aqua Pole vs Acquapole®, what’s the difference? For us it is clear: in that little “c” that actually denotes a totally different way of conceiving water training, there is a key. Let me explain.


Aqua Pole: what is it?

Poles in the water (aqua pole) have been around for a while, scattered around the various aquatic centers around the world, starting from the early years of this millennium. Aqua Pole Gym was born in fact as a natural evolution of Pole Dancing from which it inherited exercises and choreography, which were basically migrated and adapted from land to the aquatic environment.

With the exception of Pole Dance, it is done by performing a series of acrobatic positions and movements on a pole attached to the floor and ceiling while in Aqua Pole Gym exercises are carried out in water using a pole attached to the floor of the pool.

In Pole Dance, however, the subject must counteract the force of gravity to reach and maintain the position, while in Aqua Pole Gym the subject is moving in water that on one hand makes it harder to reach the position ( water “hinders” every movement, but in this way it amplifies muscle work), and on the other it supports you facilitating the phase of maintaining the position (and attenuating tensions on tendons and joints).

Someone could say: Acquapole®, No: a pole in water is not Acquapole®! Just like doing Aqua Pole does not equate to practicing Acquapole® Fitness. Here’s why.

Let’s start with the apparatus and its essential Italian flair: Acquapole® is an innovative 100% MADE IN ITALY aquatic tool!


Acquapole® was designed and patented in Italy

In 2010, by Monica Spagnuolo, Water Fitness Instructor and Sports Director of a centre near Turin, where herself and Stefania Manfredi developed this revolutionary apparatus.


Acquapole® is constructed in Italy

Using high-quality materials: it consists of a corrosion resistant steel pole that fits easily into a “red Ferrari” base that can be applied to any type of material (especially tiles that you can find in most swimming pools) thanks to an accurate system of suction pads.


Lets contiune speaking about the Acquapole® Method

The unique and original certified training method, thanks to which Acquapole® has marked the beginning of an absolutely new way to train in water.



By varying the speed and intensity of the workouts, it is possible to tone or strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms by exploiting the maximum resistance that water opposes to every movement and the completeness of a work station such as Acquapole®


Extremely versatile

The wide range of exercise that are possible with Acquapole® and its accessories makes it very suitable for any training protocol!



Water has always been an ideal place to play and have fun. If we add the choreographies of training sessions with Acquapole®, with groups of people ready for a different type of training session … training in the water, then training without feeling fatigued becomes easy!


Suitable for everyone

Unlike many aquatic tools in use, starting with the water pole that targets mainly a feminine audience, Acquapole® is for everyone and everyone can do Acquapole®: sportsmen and women, young and old, women and even men who, above all, with the introduction of the Boxing Bag accessory, have finally discovered the sporting element of exercise in the water.

 Therefore, for those who still have doubts: Acquapole® is Acquapole®. Don’t trust any “Aqua pole without the letter ” C “!

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