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Aquatic equipment and pregnancy

Training with aquatic equipment like Acquapole® during the 9 months of pregnancy can be particularly enjoyable and stimulating, offering the future mum great benefits both physically and emotionally.


Acquapole® aquatic equipment as a support

During the last few months, when your belly becomes bulkier and heavier, pool training will help keep you fit and healthy, making you feel lighter. Weight in the water is about 1/6 of that recorded on the ground. That is why we are able to perform exercises that, especially in the most advanced stages of pregnancy, would be impossible to perform at the gym.

The fact you are able to train with aquatic equipment such as Acquapole® gives you the chance to workout and use a training method perfectly suited to the needs of a pregnant woman like you. But it is also a valuable support that will help you not to over-stretch your muscles and joints and maintain a proper posture.


Acquapole® aquatic equipment to prevent the typical discomfort of pregnancy

Regular water training with Acquapole® aquatic equipment helps to alleviate or prevent some typical pregnancy discomfort such as backache from hyperthermia, ie the curvature of the lumbar spine which, following the growth of the belly, tends to become more and more accentuated.


Training with Acquapole® aquatic equipment is good for both mom and baby

Training in water with aquapole acquapole® enhances muscle tone and stress resistance, allowing your body to adapt to the changes during your pregnancy, and above all to get into optimal shape for the big day.

Not to consider the enormous benefits also for the baby. Regular training promotes increased oxygenation in the mother’s blood, which is also automatically transmitted to the fetus, meaning better nourishment.


Training with Acquapole® aquatic equipment is both enjoyable and relaxing for both mom and baby

First of all, because the water temperature in the pools dedicated to pregnant women is warmer, encouraging muscle relaxation, which also facilitates the elimination of stress even from a psychological point of view.

Secondly, because the particularly pleasant movement that is performed in water with acquapole® aquatic equipment, as well as being very relaxing, stimulates the production of endorphins, which trigger in the mother a whole series of positive emotions, inevitably transmitted to the fetus as well.

An important clarification

Although, as in any type of water based course for pregnant women, the intensity of training is lower than the usual Acquapole® Fitness lessons, we recommend that you start practicing sports from at least the fourth month (the first three months of pregnancy are the most delicate ones for the development of the fetus) and only after consulting your gynecologist.

Any dizziness, sudden contractions or predetermined uterus are clear warnings that must not be ignored. In these cases the training session must be interrupted immediately and can only be resumed after an ultrasound and a positive response from your gynecologist.

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