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Aquatic exercises: the answers you were looking for

The benefits of aquatic exercises date back to a long time ago. For example, the Romans had foreseen specific exercises to be carried out in pools with hot water rather than those with cold water, in order to maximize the benefits of a spa day.

Despite the ancient origins, there are still many doubts and questions regarding a heterogeneous yet profitable activity like Water Fitness. In this article we will try to answer some of the most relevant questions regarding aquatic exercises.


First of all, what are aquatic exercises?

Aquatic exercises are a series of aerobic activities in water that can be performed with only your bodyweight or with the help of a water apparatus, either individually or in groups, with the aim to maximize the training benefits of the aquatic environment. Water, in fact, is an ideal gym to do physical activity, as it increases the intensity of muscular work (thanks to the resistance that water opposes to our every movement), it also supports our body by favoring the assumption of a correct posture.

Once in water our bodies lose most of their weight, therefore it is possible to expand the range of aquatic exercises that can be performed, without having to worry about exposing the joints to dangerous stresses.


Are aquatic exercises for everyone?

Aquatic exercises do not possess particular contraindications. Especially because the range of workouts in the water are so ample and varied that each one of us can find the right type of exercise that suits our case best.

Water Fitness is an aerobic activity suitable for everyone:

who want to find a fun training variant, without reducing the training effort;

overweight people
that in water feel “lighter”, thus succeeding in training compared to the gym;

pregnant women
water attenuates the weight of the tummy, allowing the future mother to be in shape and reactivate circulation without the risk of trauma to the joints.

older people
who can practice a safe sport that can improve their lifestyle.

young people
who will discover an absolutely new form of training while having fun at the same time.


How many times a week do you have to do aquatic exercises to see results?

To produce appreciable results, we recommend doing aquatic exercises at least 3 times a week, with 45 minute training sessions as a minimum. Exercise twice a week will, however, help maintain the level of physical fitness.


What are the main benefits of regular aquatic exercises?

Aquatic Fitness is a great way to

  • Strengthen your muscles, shape your body and lose weight because aquatic exercises, if performed correctly and with the right intensity, proportionate you and define you.
  • improve cardiovascular system and lymphatic drainage by the continuous and constant massage effect the water offers you
  • rehabilitation from back injuries and joints because aquatic exercises are performed in partial absence of severity and for this also suitable for those who want to work without big joint or lumbar loads.

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