Water aerobics certification: essential information you need to know

Water aerobics certification. Who does it serve?
If you are a student or graduate in sports science, an instructor, a personal trainer, an athletic trainer, and so on interested in entering the Water Fitness world to teach group courses, then the water aerobics certification is the most suitable solution.


Water aerobics certification. Why have one?
To teach Water Fitness in all its possible variants requires, in fact, a great understanding of the aquatic element, the rules driving the movement, and the innumerable advantages that an environment like this can offer to very different types of users. Acquiring one or more water aerobics certifications, attending a course and passing an exam, is just about working on your skills and qualifying your work.


Water aerobics certification. How to choose the most appropriate course
Despite the demand for ever-changing and demanding Water Fitness training courses, the academic courses for aquatic fitness are still unable to provide accurate training sessions. So, once you graduate in Sports Science, and you start looking for a training course, it’s a jungle! How, then, do you find a professional and reputable course able to maintain their word?

Before anything else, carefully analyze the details and objectives of the course. If you are too general or proponent, the risk is that will not enter the pool to teach Fitness to a group of people. According to us, Acquapole®, courses must aim at concrete goals. At the very least, this is what we have done in creating Aquapole® accredited courses.
They are committed to transmitting objectives and theoretical-practical information acquired day after day by working as swimming pool instructors at pools and water centers with our revolutionary water apparatus and also using a rational method. The Acquapole® method.
A clear and precise handbook defining which exercises to perform, such as training protocols to start and how to handle heterogeneous classes between them in a productive and always engaging way.

Secondly, pay attention to the guarantees you are given at the end of the course. How many credits wiil you earn? Are you going to be issued a Water aerobics certification? Water centers or fitness club operators are constantly looking for new courses to offer to their clients and qualified instructors able to diversify the offer, turn to an ever-changing range of users, loyalty and, above all, increase the range of clients.


Water aerobics certification. What professional opportunities can you have?
When choosing between a water aerobics certification and another, take into account the credibility of those who are proposing it to you and the prospective business opportunities.

Search the web: Have you ever heard of the organizers of the course? For example in our case, it takes only 5 minutes to understand who we are from our website (www.acquapole.com) or the Facebook page (Acquapole® Facebook Fan Page) and the reputation of who will train you!

As for professional data …

With 618 certified instructors, 159 official water centers and 26 countries worldwide, Acquapole® is recognized as one of the most popular aquatic tools, the Acquapole® first level certification accredited by AEA  is definitely the right way to approach an innovative, qualified and profitable way to do Water Fitness … or, better, Aquapole® Fitness!


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