Water aerobics instructor: “From Monday, I’m teaching!”

If you want to become a water aerobics instructor to start a professional and economically rewarding career in the Aqua Fitness world, you will find that the market is full of diverse employment opportunities. You just have to know what to do, how to do it and where you want to work, to prepare yourself adequately for your next job!

What is the role of a water aerobics instructor?

Under the watchful eye of the Fitness Coordinator, the Wellness Manager or other assigned staff, a water aerobics instructor is required to prepare an aerobic water training program tailored to the needs and the athletic capacity of his students.

  • Promoting physical fitness through educational and fun methods.
  • Providing clear, precise, and innovative training instructions.
  • Supporting each student in pursuit of their goals.

What to do to become a good water aerobics instructor?

The occupational possibilities for professional water aerobics instructors is far from saturated. There are many structures and technical directors looking for new talents. Yes, talents. Therefore, to do this job better, making yourself firstly appetizing and at a later date necessary and difficult to replace, you need to be qualified and have good leadership and teaching skills.

A water aerobics instructor has, in fact, the task of

  • Providing aerobic training programs of great impact by coordinating both with the group and with the individual
  • Teaching, skills and ability to explain the exercises to be carried out, proper and safe use of the equipment and any contraindicated movements.
  • Adapt your work to the skill level and learning ability of each class
  • Know how to interact productively with all types of students: young and old, men or women, sporty and not
  • Provide all the support you need to help your students correct their defects, progress in their abilities and achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • Have friendly relationships with students to encourage a constant attendance to your courses and encourage the involvement of new participants in your course.
  • Dedicate the right time to prepare each lesson: choosing the music tracks, the sequence of exercises and the teaching area with the necessary equipment.
  • Know how to coordinate with your Wellness Manager and the needs of the aquatic center for important management information such as number of attendance, any new equipment requests, time management and use of the pool, etc.

For this reason, the training course that is undertaken to acquire all the skills needed to carry out the role as a water aerobics instructor is decisive. The offer is broad and heterogeneous. From our experience in this sector, we recommend you do a course that can deliver a precise and pre-fabricated work method that will provide you with all the information you need to work successfully. Like the Acquapole® Certified and Accredited AEA course. For info click here http://www.acquapoletraining.com


Where can you work as a water aerobics instructor?

Where can you work or rather where do you want to work as a water aerobics instructor?

If your intention is to work in the Water Fitness world, in this case the next step will be to contact multiple pools and water centers. The first one that accepts you ends your search. However, this procedure does not pay over time.

It is better to evaluate priorities, a number of factors that can positively influence your training and professional path.

  1. Which course or type of user are you more skilled with? Do you prefer working with young and dynamic people or are you more inclined to the sweet water Gym with older people?
  2. Which fitness courses offer a good price in the area where you plan to work? It is the rule of supply and demand to determine which water centers you will call.
  3. In what type of company would you like to work? In a small, family-run water center or in a medium to large fitness club?
  4. Is this your ultimate goal or do you want to start your own business?

These are the important questions that we recommend you ask yourself to prepare you properly for your first Monday …. of a successful career.


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