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Water exercises for a catwalk body

Water exercises are an unbeatable source of health and well-being for the heart, muscles and mind since they allow you to work on different aspects of our body such as cardio, relaxation, posture, toning muscles, and so on.

By varying, for example, the speed and the amount of repetitions, exploiting in the best way possible the strength of the water, we are able to adjust the level of effort and effort applied to our workout program.

The aquatic environment also promotes natural psychic relaxation as well as concentration and a perception of our body.

In water, finally, bodily equilibrium is tested by instability and fluid dynamics, forcing our body to counterbalance each thrust. There are specific postural gym exercises in the water that work on this principle to correct incorrect positions.

Just as there are a whole range of fat burning water exercises that tone your muscles, help you keep fit and mold your body.


Water exercises for perfect legs

Water re-activates circulation and acts as a real anti-cellulite massage. If, however, this natural effect of aquatic environment is combined with kicks in the water among other movements, adding an element fun and a powerful aquatic tool such as the Acquapole® Boxing Bag, the “slim legs” effect is more than guaranteed! Let’s see how.

Standing in front of the AQUAPOLE®® Boxing Bag, push your leg up and forward until your toes come out of the water and kick the water punchball, then, return to the starting position, try to perform both movements (kick and back) at maximum speed. Run a series of these first water exercises with one leg and then with the other one. The resistance that the water offers will provide you with the desired anti-cellulite and tonic effect you’re looking for.


Water exercises for a bum that will make heads turn

If, however, you need to revive your buttocks, abdominal and thighs, you can perform these specific water exercises using the Aquapole® aquatic tool as a support.

Standing on your right leg, hold your left leg stretched backwards, then pull your knee forward towards the waist, finally back again. Run a series of these water exercises with one leg, then switch to the other.


Water exercises for a fabulous décolleté

The neckline is one of the most attractive areas of the female body. Contrarily, however to what most women think, its beauty is not so much in volume, but rather in its form and, above all, in its tonicity. So, if you want a harder décolleté, try these water exercises with the aid of the Acquapole® Elastic Pole. Here’s how.

Immersed in water up to the chin, take a standing position with slightly spread legs and arms at hip height. Holding the elastic poles with your hands, stretch your arms up until you touch the surface of the water with the back of your hands. Return to the starting position, pushing the elastics back with your palms facing down.

We would like to underline that it is important not to exaggerate with the intensity of the exercise effort and to gradually increase the speed and number of repetitions to train the desired body part at one time.


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