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Acquapole® Elastic Pole, innovative aqua fitness workouts

Aquatic TRX (Functional Water Training) are the innovative aqua fitness workouts that have taken the traditional TRX training benefits to the peculiarities of the aquatic environment, boosting a complete, versatile and multidirectional sports protocol. It is performed using water tools such as the Acquapole® Elastic Pole, the hook + elastic system that, when inserted into Acquapole®, offers better performance and functionality than most of the expensive machinery available.


Acquapole® Elastic Pole allows you to

  • Work on different muscle bands by simply placing the hook at different heights
  • vary the intensity of the effort by modulating the elastic extension.

Let’s speak about the peculiarities of a functional workout of aquatic TRX and EPAS (Elastic Pole Aquatic Support) to fully understand this innovative concept.


TRX and functional training

TRX is a particular type of workout in which exercises can be carried out in a horizontal or vertical position, always being suspended thanks to a system of two tie rods which are used as handles. In this way, those who train can take full advantage of their body weight, since the degree of toning desired and the weight necessary to achieve it are always appropriate to those who are doing the exercises. In this sense, the result is a completely personalized workout, which is equally well-suited to the woman that wants to improve her muscle toning, as well as for the professional athlete. Physical effort and degree of difficulty can be easily modulated by taking different positions during the exercise.

For all these peculiarities, TRX is a functional all-rounder: designed to identify the best (and therefore functional) movement for the needs of our physique.


TRX aqua fitness workouts

During aquatic TRX with Acquapole® Elastic Pole, the aqua fitness workouts exploit gravity and body weight which produce countless benefits!


Global training

Aquatic TRX with Acquapole® Elastic Pole allows you to reach a global toning target since with these innovative aqua fitness workouts you can work deeply on the deep abdominal and lumbar bands in your arms and shoulders, which at the start, until you learn to properly distribute body fatigue on all the muscle bands involved, are the ones that get more tired – and also on the buttocks that become immediately tonic.


Losing weight

Functional training with Acquapole® Elastic Pole helps you lose weight, because during 40 minutes of training you burn not only many calories, about 400, but you can also finally get rid of the fat mass deposited through time.


Improve balance and elasticity

Every time we train with aqua fitness workouts such as aquatic TRX with the Acquapole® Elastic Pole, we must focus on identifying the most suitable movement for our body. This means that through regular practice, we learn to recognize the potentialities and limits of our body while at the same time enhancing our muscular symmetry and improving our stability, elasticity and bodily equilibrium.

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