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Water exercises and postural gymnastics in water

As we have already figured out, water exercises are a versatile working method that can be adapted to any workout and well-being exercises because they allow you to exercise different parts of your body and take positions that are otherwise difficult to maintain or keep on the ground.

Even those who often suffer from “back pain” can find great benefit from doing water exercises, better known as postural gymnastics in water.

In fact, the benefits of postural conditioning can be remarkable, these can be achieved through targeted training in water. With water exercises you can teach people with “back pain” to:

  • feel their stiffness
  • dissolve muscles and joints
  • move properly in the aquatic environment and in the terrestrial environment accordingly
  • recognize harmful and aggravating movements.

Everyone can do water exercises, even those who have little familiarity with this element. This is because the instructor can carefully select the exercises according to the level of water experience the class has; and because water, in turn, allows you to assume different positions and postures depending on its height in the pool: water exercises can be done in low or medium-height water, standing, sitting or lying, with the head out of the water or immersed with the use of water tools such as Acquapole®, Acquapole® Elastic Pole, Acquapole® T-Traction or even with just your body weight.


Thanks to the huge variety of solutions and the absence of gravity, water can be used to assist and correct posture and motility problems while favoring a significant improvement in the global sense.

Water exercises allow you to increase your aquatic skills, balance, respiratory and cardiovascular abilities, as well as motor coordination. Obviously, the main purpose remains the reduction (if not the elimination) of the state of suffering from “back pain” through water exercises aimed at:

  • Teaching to recognize the correct position of the spine and to assume it as well as to keep it in different positions and various movements.
  • Strengthen abdominal muscles and inferior atriums with water exercises that can be performed with an aquatic tool such as Acquapole®
  • Decompress intervertebral disks through water exercises to stretch and increase flexibility with the help of Acquapole® T-Traction. The aquatic tool created by mounting the “T” Bar on the Acquapole®, which can be used both for men and women, allowing us to strengthen arms and backbones.
  • Strengthen joint mobility, through mobilized water exercises, postural transfer and muscle stretching performed with Acquapole® Elastic Pole. The aquatic tool is obtained by inserting a specific hook to which are bound the Acquapole® elastics. The hook can be positioned at different heights that allow you to use different muscle bands.

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