Discover the courses you can take with the aquatic equipment of  the Liquid line by Acquapole®: Bike, Jump, Runsphere, Gloves, Star, Bo. These are all certified courses that provide recognition by the major international aquatic associations: AEA, Cimspa, Australia Fitness.

This program is aimed at all those who wish to undertake or deepen the practice of the hydro/water bike, and is designed to provide real, suitable and effective tools to those who will lead the classes on the aqua-bike (or other suitable bikes).

The Liquid Gym Jump is an aquatic trampoline that uses the elasticity of the mat for plyometric training. Fun and creative options for coordination and toning exercises.

The Liquid Gym Runsphere is an innovative aquatic treadmill equipment that uses omnidirectional spheres on the platform making running in the water more active and exciting.

The Liquid Glove training resembles techniques of Aqua Combat and Boxing. Using simple EVA foam gloves engaging lessons can be added for all generations.

The liquid star is a fun and practical equipment, easy to use and adaptable for different kind of clients. With its fun smiley face, it brings a smile to all students.

The program allows you to train, motivate and teach by making every class effective and exhaustive for your students.

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