Discover the courses you can take with Acquapole® aquatic solutions: Boxing Bag, T-Traction, Elastic Pole, Revolution Clamps. These are all certified courses that provide recognition by the major international aquatic associations: AEA, Cimspa, Australia Fitness.

Punches, kicks and blocks have never been as much fun. This course provides an understanding of aqua boxing techniques such as punches, kicks and guard positions. Enhances the use of the Acquapole® station to diversified populations.

The Acquapole® Elastic Pole course involves the use of the elastic band accessory which enrich the range of exercises and vary the intensity to the program.

Acquapole® Circuit Workouts is an instructor tool for approved Acquapole® certified instructors. Utilizing diverse equipment from the Acquapole and Liquid Gym …

The Acquapole T Traction accessory provides options for lessons focused on upper body. The use of this accessory is only recommended for fit people as it places heavy demands on the arms and shoulders.

Intended for instructors who have achieved all Acquapole® training levels and whom the Italian head office and Grand Master Trainers deem suitable to represent the branded program in the world. You are given the chance to participate in international conventions and to present Acquapole® at national and regional events. Following corporate guidelines, a Master Trainer can organize Acquapole® Solutions training courses.

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