Water exercises are a versatile working method that can be adapted to any workout and well-being exercises because they allow you to exercise different parts of your body and take positions that are otherwise difficult to maintain or keep on the ground.
Aqua Fitness might be the solution you were looking for, if it’s a long time that you haven’t done sports but want to resume doing physical activity.
Aquatic TRX (Functional Water Training) are the innovative aqua fitness workouts that have taken the traditional TRX training benefits to the peculiarities of the aquatic environment
Training with aquatic equipment like Acquapole® during the 9 months of pregnancy can be particularly enjoyable and stimulating.
Aqua Pole vs Acquapole®, what’s the difference? For us it is clear: Acquapole® with “c” is a totally different way of conceiving water training.
Water exercises are an unbeatable source of health and well-being for the heart, muscles and mind.
If you want to become a water aerobics instructor, you just have to know how to prepare yourself adequately for your next job!
Water aerobics certification. Who does it serve? How to choose the most appropriate course? What professional opportunities? Let’s talk about it.
Thanks to the introduction of ever more complete and performant water aerobics equipment, it is becoming more and more a belief that Water Fitness represents a super-training, toning and, above all, varied activity.
Aqua fitness exercises are a great way to include a bit of healthy physical activity in your life, while offering a good alternative to physical exercise on the ground.
Pool Bike, Underwater Treadmill, Aquapole®, etc. are some of the most used aquatic equipment to diversify the range of water rehabilitation programs.
What distinguishes a good water aerobics instructor from an average water aerobics instructor?
The term Aqua Fitness refers to an innovative form of water training that enhances muscle tone by performing a number of exercises developed ad hoc.
Aqua exercises are especially useful in restoring shape and toning the muscles of the legs, abdomen and arms … without too much fatigue.
Acquapole® water fitness certification was born to promote and at the same time standardize the goodness of its Training Method
Water fitness equipment is a valuable ally to counteract a lazy and sedentary lifestyle that in the long run can be risky.
Every water aerobics instructor certification is a valuable opportunity for professional advancement for Water Fitness instructors.
Aqua Fitness is an excellent practical training for seniors who, more and more often, want to better enjoy their “third age”, leading an active and distracted life and, above all, free from care and drugs.
Acquapole® is an innovative water fitness equipment designed, patented and manufactured in Italy, in 2010, by Monica Spagnuolo.
Unlike many water apparatuses such as Pool bikes, Aqua-walking, Aqua-step, etc., Acquapole® is an absolutely revolutionary pool exercise equipment, since
Water Exercise is a great way to increase muscle strength and body flexibility, but also to get in shape and lose fat.
Water aerobic equipment represents the best solution for swimming pools, aquatic centers, ecc. to increase revenue, in a period when it is vital to retain customers.
How Aqua Fitness was truly born, is not certain. We know that since the time of the Assyrians Babylonians, Egyptians, the Greeks and the ancient Romans, water was ascribed healing powers.
Why is it important to acquire a water fitness certification? To gain access to the working world and become a water aerobics instructor of success, a degree in Sports Science is not enough.
Theaquatics exercises are good for our body. But if we combine training in water with laughter and fun, the psycho-physical benefits not only add up but multiply! To create visible effects in everyday life.
Here are some helpful information on how to become a water aerobics instructor
Water exercises are a great way to include a little ‘healthy physical activity in our lives … while having fun! They will help you lose weight, burn calories faster and get you into shape, without feeling very fatigued.
Acquapole® Boxing Bag is the swimming pool exercise equipment capable of arousing the interest and even the involvement of the male audience.
Aqua fitness workouts have contributed to transform the pool environment into an alternative and innovative form of Gym … in water.
Discover the range of Pool Fitness Equipment
The need to offer a vast range of varied Aqua Fitness exercises is critical to the success of Acquapole® pool exercise equipment.
Obtaining an Aqua Fitness Certification is a prerequisite for an Aqua Fitness instructor motivated to qualify himself or herself.
Teaching Aqua Fitness involves a whole range of skills and abilities that, as we will show in this article, go far beyond the mere technical knowledge, which is indispensable.
The use of aquatic exercise equipment have contributed to bring the World of water fitness in close contact with the gym world
Water exercise equipment is the ideal alternative for those looking for new ideas to keep fit, without giving up on the fun factor!
Through the use of appropriate water aerobics equipment, Acquapole® Fitness allows you to perform a variety of exercises
People who go to the pool and above all water fitness customers expect that each year their trainer proposes something new and fun.
Aqua fitness equipment is the last frontier of water training, thanks to its advent, also known in America it has received a sudden and increasingly broad public consensus.
The water aerobics certification represents an unmissable career opportunity for those willing to become a water aereobic instructor or those looking for a qualified job in the area of water fitness. In this article we will try, therefore, explain to you which are the water aerobics certifications essential to not lag behind and always have a real advantage over your colleagues.
In recent years, the US user enthusiasm for pool exercise equipment has grown in proportion to the awareness of the benefits that exercising in water has to offer for all of us: from young people to seniors, lean to plus sizes, athletic to sedentary people! In this article we will explain how and why pool exercise equipment does what it does.

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