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The Acquapole® brand was born in Italy in 2011, in the light of the widespread public and press support achieved by the launch of its first tool, the Acquapole® water pole and its Revolutionary Training Method. Since then, our company has launched an unstoppable path of research and development of new water-based training solutions, imposing itself on the market as an all-Italian brand that can offer:

The Best Aquatic Equipment

Discover the complete range of patented, tested and Acquapole® guaranteed water equipment and accessories.

Certified Quality Courses

Our Certified Courses provide all the useful information for an optimal and complete use of Acquapole® equipment.

All our Know-how

We provide 22 years of experience in the world of Aquatic Fitness and in the management of sports facilities.

In just 10 years...

Acquapole® tools
are distributed in 32 countries:
10% of the world practice
Acquapole® Fitness!

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