Discover the courses you can do with the Acquapole® water pole. These are all certified courses that provide recognition by the major international aquatic associations: AEA, Cimspa, Australia Fitness.

Acquapole® Tone is the first level course that will teach you how to conduct a safe and exciting session using the Acquapole station. No previous experience is required for this training.

This course is intended for instructors that already have Acquapole® TONE certificate and have acquired practical experience following the basic exercise variations of the Acquapole® program.

This Course is designed for instructors who practice postural-holistic activities. It provides additional methods to use the Acquapole equipment.

This course is for TONE-certified instructors. Learning micro choreography gives the possibility of varying the classes by inserting elements of difficulty.

Course is dedicated to rehabilitation after trauma and/or medical interventions using Acquapole® equipment.

Intended for instructors who have achieved all Acquapole® training levels and whom the Italian head office and Grand Master Trainers deem suitable to represent the branded program in the world. You are given the chance to participate in international conventions and to present Acquapole® at national and regional events. Following corporate guidelines, a Master Trainer can organize Acquapole® training courses.

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