An ever new way to
train in the water … having fun

Acquapole® Fitness is simple, versatile and suitable for everyone!

Thanks to our innovative aquatic tools and the simple instructions of our instructors, anyone can work out in an effective and enjoyable way: athletic people and not, men and women, young and old, thin and overweight.

Acquapole® Fitness includes 20 grips and more than 200 exercises, all achievable with Acquapole® aquatic tools.

Acquapole® Fitness is



Thanks to the greater resistance work in water, Acquapole® tools help to sculpt abdomen, shoulders and hips and to improve the cardiovascular system.


Thanks to Acquapole® Fitness, you can finally super-train in the water, having fun. Lessons are absolutely engaging and never repetitive.


Each Acquapole® tool is designed to interact with others and create a multi-function workstation in the water.


The Acquapole® Fitness is ideal for any training program (intensive, toning, rehabilitative, etc.) and for any type of user!

What is it for?

To tone arms, shoulders, tummy and legs.

In lifting, the hydrostatic thrust helps the execution of the exercise without weighing on the joints. In all the exercises and grips, even in isometric poses, abs are fundamental for the correct execution of all positions. The muscles of the legs and arms are involved in all the spins and dynamic exercises.

More than anything, however … it’s fun!

Training with Acquapole® equipment is addictive, never repetitive!

In fact, our lessons succeed in dragging into the water even those who believe that training in the pool is boring. Also, who said that Acquapole® Fitness is only suitable for a female audience? The modularity of our tools allows us to obtain training systems suitable for all users.

For example, it is sufficient to attach from two to four Acquapole® aquatic poles using Revolution Clamps and insert Acquapole® Boxing Bag, Acquapole® T-Traction and Acquapole® Elastic Pole, to have Acquapole® Cage multi-function aquatic station, super training and always very, very funny!

Whatever your
training needs are ...

Discover the range of
versatile, modular aquatic Acquapole®
guaranteed solutions!

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